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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Mark , 05-02-2007

Attention - From September 2007 until April 2008
is the beach between Hotel huis ter duin and the firehouse closed.
There working on the beach and dunes.

By Anonymous , 16-07-2006

:( - I feel sorry for you guys.......but all the best keep ripping

By anonymous , 19-03-2006

- noordwijk is the best spot in the netherlands

By anonymous , 25-10-2005

Bas - The photo with the bodyboarder is definitly not Noordwijk, this photograph was taken in Petten way up north.

By knersboy , 28-01-2005

respect - am a south african living in netherlands, but dont surf much here. respect to the dutch surfers, these guys learn to surf in shitty conditions, and if u can surf once a week u r lucky, it amazes me how u guys stick to it, is too frustrating to a spoilt south african who was used to surf atleast 4 times a week.

By j , 28-01-2005

- photo two, now is really noordwijk. me and a few friends of my shot the photo ourselve... the surfer you see padling is tim meaker wave hight 3m +, i think some 10 feet face.

this wave whaf produced by a lowpressure terretory above scotland a 970 bar, on the noordsea whas a enormous stom.. and the netherlands where just leaing high pressure so that produced the offshore wind

By nico , 03-01-2005

i've seen the pictures(n°2 ) is it real holland - yow october 2004(me) what kind of waves you're tlkin' about . i'd like to come over there.from belgium(bboarder)

By me , 21-10-2004

waves - yoo dudes, i live in Noordwijk and i went every day to the beach there. when people say there are not waves in the summer, there are fucking wrong, because we have some summerstorms all over the summer and after that storms, the waves are awesum! But if the waves are pretty in summer, there are mostly too many people(like swimmers, old-people and people like them) in the water. And ofcourse authum and winter are great for dutch sufer, but it's very freezy than.....

By anonymous , 06-09-2004

B2 - Noordwijk is a nice place to surf! Locals are friendly, no crowds like "Scheveningen" or "Wijk aan zee". It's better not come over here in Summer. Partying can be nice, but waves are not that often in this period. COme here from September till June , and you will definetly get some good waves, like JANA said...

Ciao Rastaz

By surf dude , 01-09-2004

The Beach Hostel - Cool spot, between october and june good waves as the pic show.
we stayed at the Beach Hostel and hwe had tons of fun hanging out with the local surfers.
Kitesurf conditions are really awsome

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