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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Anonymous , 28-08-2006

fuck yeah - check out check fotos check surf thers over a hundred katwijk epic pics and you tell me how bad it is mnjup

By , 08-06-2006

katwijk Rocks - katwijk is deffinetly not sloppy with north westrn swell and its total bullcrap that strong winds are needed too produce some surf only with winds from the south i have seen barrels in and near katwijk that were huge.
the surf is just fine and breaks about 100 of those fine dayes and about 50 crap days so its a good place
lots of facillities like discos on and on coffeeshops haring en een lekkere kut met haar erop edie the iegel heeft een kutje met haar er op.
winter freezing summers nice temp ofton some offshore conditions but those are rare

By beginner, checking out Dutch beaches , 02-07-2002

windy waves etc - 020702:
sloppy waves but some around 3-5 ft. further out less sloppy. And they didn't close out on the shore...
Strong current, due to sandbar just before beach (and ofcourse lot of wind).
Tried with 7 ft board on 'noord strand' close to entrance to the beach.
Smaller board to be able to duck (frequently) to get out would have worked better, I reckon.

Reckon that with the place and size of sandbar, current changes.
Didn't try the whole beach (further up north towards Noordwijk and/or further south)
maybe less current there?
Then again there were some out going currents as well. Reckon that I had to get out further
and then paddle a lot.
(taking the backdoor tour..)

Didn't see any surfers......

By Katwijkers , 05-04-2002

mietjes - shut up !!!! bitch

By anonymous , 29-11-2001

no title - Whatever man!

By i'm surfing with what the hell i got...... , 28-11-2001

current inpossible?? - you think just because there is a current you can't surf???
and you call yoself a surfer? tssss you spoilt lil bitch, think you'dd better go and play in the garden or something, i'll tell you something: if you can't surf without perfect waves, then you're no real surfer. think about it...

By anonymous , 20-11-2001

Surfable?! - But is it surfable?!Maybe if you windsurf.The only way you get waves like that,is when there's a lot of wind.So the waves are maybe big,but they close out,current impossible to paddle out,a lot of whitewater, get the picture.

By erik, hang loose , 13-11-2001

no title - Hey watte fok.... Thuesday 8-11-2001 it was maximum 702 cm and avariage was 546 cm...... you can check it at ..... so no bullshit sometimes iT REALLY CAN GET HIGH

By anonymous , 07-11-2001

no title - What the fuck!?This place doesn't get!!!2m-6ft.will do just fine!!!!!!!!!!!...

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