Wannasurf news comment WannaSurf - Free illustrated atlas of surf spots and surfing worldwide with maps of surf spots, detailed descriptions and photos. All the best weather and forecast maps. An interactive environment provides messages, reports and data editing. https://www.wannasurf.com Tue, 23 May 2017 09:36:23 +0100 FeedCreator 1.7.2 https://www.wannasurf.com/template/wannaskin2/images/favicon.gif Wannasurf.com logo https://www.wannasurf.com Feed provided by Wannasurf.com - Click to visit. https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/maasvlakte/index.html The Maasvlakte area is closed, because there working on a new harbour. Dutch are take new land from the sea. <br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/maasvlakte'>Maasvlakte</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Wed, 08 Dec 2010 13:17:13 +0100 nuurrdderrland surf https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/index.html are there any good waves today 30/08/10 are you lucky enough to be blessed by summer swell (its reading nearly 15 foot near england on the wave buoys)or is it just mega onshore slop<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands'>Netherlands</a> (Europe, Holland) Wannasurf.com Mon, 30 Aug 2010 04:48:32 +0100 hi all https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/index.html Im a South African living in the Hague for the last 3 months, dont see anyone posting anything helpful so i guess ill give some input haha. there's a surfing spot in scheveningen the hague, check it [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands'>Netherlands</a> (Europe, Holland) Wannasurf.com Thu, 12 Aug 2010 17:02:41 +0100 https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/index.html hi i ll pass a few days of my hollidays in holland (texel) and i wonder if i should bring my board, (i only surf since a year) thx<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands'>Netherlands</a> (Europe, Holland) Wannasurf.com Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:28:33 +0100 https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/index.html hey i want to travel to the netherlands in summer, i think 25 july, and i´m searching for a good and cheap surfspot. learned surfing in new zealand 5 years ago and want to do it again. but i absolut [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands'>Netherlands</a> (Europe, Holland) Wannasurf.com Fri, 26 Feb 2010 18:28:23 +0100 wanna surf https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/index.html Hi All, I will be moving to Amsterdam in a few months from South Africa. I am an avid bodyboarder and wanna know all there is to know about surfing in Holland, please help!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands'>Netherlands</a> (Europe, Holland) Wannasurf.com Wed, 24 Feb 2010 11:56:21 +0100 Localism https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen_pier/index.html Just surf in the over-crowded surf spot scheveningen noord.... Let the agressive locals rule the line up at the pier!! Thanks<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen_pier'>Scheveningen pier</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Mon, 10 Aug 2009 00:07:03 +0100 Maasvlatke R.I.P. https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/maasvlakte/index.html Maasvlatke is not running any more with swell from NW. By reclamation of land two islands are formed before the spot. Maybe some day these Island provide good surf.<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/maasvlakte'>Maasvlakte</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 12 Jul 2009 11:00:49 +0100 Dutch pointbreak? https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/Ouddorp/index.html Time it right and find one the longest lefts in Holland............<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/Ouddorp'>Ouddorp</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 24 May 2009 22:47:36 +0100 https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/index.html HI GUYS . I WILL BE IN NETHERLANDS FOR A FEW DAYS, IN MARCH. I LOOK INFO FOR SOME COOD WAVES AND SPOTS NEAR AMSTERDAM. THANX<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands'>Netherlands</a> (Europe, Holland) Wannasurf.com Thu, 08 Jan 2009 13:41:03 +0100 https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/petten/index.html experienced surfer - why??? it seemed to be a normal dutch beach break. could anybody explain it to me, please!!!! thanks see you<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/petten'>Petten</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 04 Jan 2009 18:05:16 +0100 Name Zuid is not the name of the place https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/duindorp/index.html Name Zuid is not the name of the place, name of the place is DUINDORP. Nice you've added this, Bas!!!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/duindorp'>Duindorp</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Mon, 01 Dec 2008 02:25:41 +0100 5-7 metre waves in Holland https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ijmuiden/index.html Okay--would love to see some fotos of this size(being surfed)in Holland. thanx<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ijmuiden'>Ijmuiden</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Fri, 21 Nov 2008 12:55:11 +0100 no more holland https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen/index.html i'm a dutch guy but for the dutch surf i can only say stick it up your **** (thank god for the airplanes)<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen'>Scheveningen</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Thu, 13 Nov 2008 01:45:21 +0100 Come later in the year... https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen_pier/index.html ...come in late October or November and You'll see why Scheveningen is a surfspot!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen_pier'>Scheveningen pier</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Sat, 09 Aug 2008 23:36:06 +0100 Wijkiki aan Zee https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/wijk_aan_zee/index.html Being a local, I have surfed there for a while. Mostly you should surf there with hightide and swell direction/wind direction coming from the North. You have some nice places to relax and chill, like [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/wijk_aan_zee'>Wijk aan zee</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Thu, 19 Jun 2008 13:15:54 +0100 looking for surf friends! https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/index.html Hi all, I am living in Amsterdam and I will like to go surfing during the weekends. Is there anybody there that will like to come with me (actually I must say me with you) No fucking idea of wh [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands'>Netherlands</a> (Europe, Holland) Wannasurf.com Wed, 31 Oct 2007 18:26:29 +0100 https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen/index.html Yeah, there are shops where you can rent surfboards, no problem. If the shops on the beach are closed, go to Scheveningen harbour and look foor Hartbeach or in the shopping street of Scheveningen for [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen'>Scheveningen</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Thu, 18 Oct 2007 07:27:31 +0100 https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ter_heijde/index.html BTW, the only facilities available during the beach season are showers (free) and toilettes (50 eurocent). During the summer season there are also bars and snack shops, even a very good restaurant. B [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ter_heijde'>Ter heijde</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Tue, 16 Oct 2007 09:22:43 +0100 https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ter_heijde/index.html The facilities are only available during the beach season, roughly from May until end of September.<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ter_heijde'>Ter heijde</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Tue, 16 Oct 2007 09:20:52 +0100 facilities https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ter_heijde/index.html Are there any facilities (shower, cabines, lockers)at the Ter Heijde spot? <br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ter_heijde'>Ter heijde</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Fri, 14 Sep 2007 09:30:49 +0100 https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen/index.html travelling the coast on motor bike hence lack of board is it easy enought to rent boads here? <br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen'>Scheveningen</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Fri, 07 Sep 2007 16:24:39 +0100 Who cares.. https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen/index.html Just paddle out and have fun. High or low, big or small... The whole "my spot is better than yours"-attitude stink as much as localism.<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/scheveningen'>Scheveningen</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 29 Jul 2007 09:09:24 +0100 ijmuiden sucks? not always! https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ijmuiden/index.html I always go there with 2m+ NW-swells and when other spots are blow out or too messy with n-nw-wind or big W-WNW swells when the wind is n-nw(off-sideshore there)<br>The big jetty gives shelter agains [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/ijmuiden'>Ijmuiden</a> (Netherlands, Holland) Wannasurf.com Tue, 10 Jul 2007 18:32:40 +0100 Quiver for Holland https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands/index.html Hi guys my name is Max I am french, moving to Holland in october...<br>As i come from Biarritz south west of France, my quiver is like 6"3, 6"4, i was wondering if i will be too short... do i need to [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Netherlands'>Netherlands</a> (Europe, Holland) Wannasurf.com Mon, 25 Jun 2007 18:58:51 +0100