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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Porto da cruz


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By Anonymous , 05-12-2007

See The Weather and Wave - You can see the Weather and the Waves in this spot:

Take care and Good Waves!!!

By we are the world , 05-02-2007

Wave rebel - Dude, you shouldn't insult people like that, especially if YOU don't know squat !! The German coastline (the north sea coast and the Baltic sea coast), rings a bell ?

By wave rebel , 04-02-2007

porto da cruz sucks???? - im a surfer for 9 years, and im a local surfer in madeira for 5 years...porto da cruz is a place where i surf a lot...and it can only be called a shithole or the worst wave by stupid amature surfers that cant ride the wave when the swell comes...oh and by the way...for the german dude, since when do you know shit about surf when you only got lakes in germany you dick!

By Ene Raibels - Köln, Germany , 12-01-2007

Worst wave in the world... - I spent the New Year at Madeira Island with 2 friends, the water wasn´t as called as we southe, locals not friendly and it was always big... so we surf always Porto de Cruz, only one good day, but it is a very bad wave.

By Mighty Mouse - Cornwall , 21-06-2006

Wrong islands - If you're looking for warm water and good waves, you're off to the Canary Islands than this shithole place...

By anonymous , 21-09-2005

Enganadissimo - the rider on this photo is Filipe ferreira, and the picture was taken in Puerto escondido..

By anonymous , 20-05-2005

What? - Looks like a really lame beach break? the photos are terrible I have seen better waves up the English Channel!

By , 13-01-2005

porto da cruz rules - porto da cruz it´s a beautiful place in madeira.the locals are good people and surfers too.there are good surfers in porto da cruz.and i hope some day to see a competion there

By Trevor , 12-01-2005

- truth about the attack has never took place in these waters, i think there's plenty of fish for the little bastards. watch ou for strong rips which make hold downs a little longer. not a really good wave anyway...

By laranja cool , 17-12-2004

no sharks - it's absolutely safe to surf in porto da cruz, i do it always all year long, and i have never seen a shark in my life

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