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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By alex , 21-12-2006

spots italy - - spots in Italy

By Aussie Girl , 07-12-2006

Looking for Italian Surfer - Does anyone know an italian that I believe his name may be Gigi, I met him in 2000 in Bali. He said he worked as a lifesaver not far from Rome. He would be between 34-37 years, he has a Tattoo of a bat on his back shoulder blade, shaved head, muscular build, can dance and surfed alot. His bestfriend was a deep sea diver. I lost contact due to a misunderstanding and loss of translation. I was visiting Bali with a best mate who was extremely protective and it was mistaken that we were together, I couldn't speak italian to convince him otherwise....I lost my chance to fall in Love with him, italy and surfing. If anyone knows him, or of him post a message.
Aussie Girl

By wannasurf , 10-11-2006

wannakitesurf - don't forget to check also :! :-))

Have fun!

By Rosemarie , 09-11-2006

kitesurf Calabrien - You have vergot the kitesurf in Reggio Calabrien Pellaro!
The website with photos see:

By Rosemarie from germany , 09-11-2006

Kitesurf - Hallo,kitesurf in Pellaro Calabrien you see the pictures from the site It´s a tip for you! This site is very good with the windtower and other things for kitesurf.

By , 02-11-2006

Surfing near Rome - Hey, anybody know any spots that are easy to get to from Rome using trains etc and where you can hire gear?

By , 23-10-2006

info 4 Jamie - Hi jamie, what kind of infos do you need?

By Jamie , 05-10-2006

Heyyyy - Im in school right now... and im doing a project on surfing in italy. can anyone give me info??


By , 11-05-2006

What 's wrong ???? - What's wrong with you guys????I added twice a spot,Sperlonga,in Italy-Mainland,with pictures too but you didn't posted it...maybe you don't need my contribute!!!

By , 01-11-2005

surf near geneva - i,ll be in geneva with a erasmus the next year.someone can tell me anything about surfing in the geneva region?good spots, surfshops, local surfers... thx and destroy

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