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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Lignano pineta

Italy, Mainland

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By Anonymous , 16-07-2009

lignano pineta - you shouldn't make a trip to lignano for surfing but you shouldn't go there withOUT a surfboard too 'cause once a week there is a nice storm with a few waves near the pier . i was really surprised when i saw 2 other surfers in the wather. i thought i would be the only idiot who goes on holiday to lignano
lignano is chilled and simply awesome!
peace out mate

By , 30-05-2006

swell check - i live two ours away from the adriatic see, 2 hours would definitly be worth driving if there is any surfable swell down there. so is there any possibility to find out from the net when its working, or what conditions it need to work? thanks for every reply

By anonymous , 14-12-2004

Respect Lignano Pineta - I am the very first one to surf the Lignano pier, back then when the Pagoda didn't exist and old owner Gennaro would yell at me in the water:"ti ci vorrebbe un motorino, su quella tavola!".

I caught my first wave in Lignano in 1986 on a homemade mini-mal. The north side of the Pier is called Stephanie's Point.
The south side is called Stephanie's Leftovers.

By anonymous , 12-11-2003

reply - ...... e allora esprimiti.
C'è effettivamente uno spot (anche se brutto) a lignano?
.... se si, come fare a sapere in che periodo provare ad andarci? ..... nel senso: ci sono onde solo quando c'è tempesta?

By anonymous , 12-11-2003

no title - ma non scherziamo

By zioM , 07-11-2003

INFO - I live near Lignano and some people said me that there are 3-4 days for surfing in the year.
When is the best period? ......yep the best in the worst spot of Italy :-)
.....and where are the best spot in Lignano?

By anonymous , 01-03-2003

ah surfing...! - sometimes good waves....sometimes a lot of fun....sometimes it's better stay at home ....sometimes it's better near the pier ... sometimes it's better on the left side ...
sometimes it's better sleeping on your longboard on tha beach......sometimes.....
but it's always my home spot and i love it....!

By anonymous , 21-07-2002

ATTENTION PLEASE - hallo surfers..
if u like travellin' and u wanna go to italy for i danno whatta hell of reason, beware the adriatic see!!!
it really sucks!! dirty and polluted water, ridicolous swells and crowded..
take care!

By anonymous , 09-07-2002

crap - This wave is a piece of crap. The best spot north of Venice is Punta Sabbioni in Jesolo. You see the San Marco Belltower from the lineup..

By anonymous , 01-07-2002

no title - this is not even a wave. It's a pice of crap no matter how big or clean the swell is.

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