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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By davidfelay101 , 8 Jul

The best surf of my life. - I had the best time here.
Colab Plumbing

By Larry , 21-07-2010

Surfing in Lahinch - We're going surfing in Lahinch this Saturday (24th July). Can't wait. I haven't been surfing in about a year. We're going to do a lesson with the Lahinch Surf School. If anyone wants to join us I still have a few spaces with our social club

By nasser , 08-03-2010

morocco :surf & kite,sccol,tripe,pro clinic,accomodation - explora morocco
offer you a greath stay withe surf camp and pro clinic in the land of right handed ,we offer accomodation,surf, kitesurf lessons,trips...if ther s no waves we go kiting or quad biking,horse riding excurcion on the dunes...
don t forget your camera shuus

By podgethedog , 10-06-2009

- For surfing, go to ireland in sept. best chance of good waves with warm water (16c).

Depending on where you normally surf a 4 3 should be fine in sept, maybe a little warm. But not enough for winter, unless you are a hardy type.

as for spots, it depends on your level. travel from Cork all the way to Donegal and you will get waves for every ability.

It is a lot busier place now. but if you are cool in your approach and open to the culture, you will have a great time.


By Elle , 27-01-2009

Urge to go to Ireland - so I am dieing to go to Ireland to go surfing. Is it really that cold? Will I survive in a 4/3 with boodies and a hoody? Or am I going to end up as a block of ice? Im guessing its the warmest in Summer, but what is warm in ireland? when are the waves the best (not too big but enough kick to have some fun)? What spots would you recommend? As you can see I have a lot of questions. I dont know a lot about Ireland but I have been wanting to go for a long time. Its a beautiful country and the people seem great. If any one has some answers for me I would appriciate it. Thank you

By run ragged , 09-05-2008

back to kiwiland for some real waves - for real the irish are super friendly, maybe not as much in the water though, the guiness was awesome and scenery similar to home, but the waves were a joke, only scored 2 average days outta 1 whole month! glad to heading home for some real west coast nz juice, shame about the crowds in bundoran, some good set-up's though!

By Anonymous , 18-12-2007

Surf in irland - I´m from Brazil and I wanna go for a surf trip in europe, starting in Irland I will be there for a whole year, and I wanna know about how frequent can I surf there with a 4/3 and if I should bring boards with me or if I can get boards there. Thanks already

By howler , 16-10-2007

totally over hyped - its such a shame, as decent surf spots around the globe get more and more crowded, lower quality surf regions rise up, yes, Ireland has good waves, no denying, but the wait between surfs is painful, can fire for days on end then nothing for weeks! oh, and the locals are getting less and less friendly as time passes, the tolerance of tocals (overseas travelling surfers who think they are locals due to a job in the local bar for a few months) is waning. Get there while you can - or is it too late, possibly already a paradise lost. RIP Irish soul surfing.

By Andoni , 26-09-2007

Winter in Ireland - I’m planning to go to Ireland. I loved the place and I’ll take a couple of weeks off on the upcoming December (from 6 until 22). As the cold is heavy there I wonder whether it’s still worth it to go there or not. Please not that I am from the north of Spain and the weather goes down until 9 grades in February and I still used to manage it. But I know in Bundoran is colder.

Thanks in advance

By , 23-06-2007

New York Surfer - My boyfriend surfs and he has a map of Long Island that he loves that is like the ones on this site pointing out all the great areas. Does anyone know where I can purchase a full map of Ireland that shows the same? I'm looking for something antique looking to match his current map. Thanks for the help!!!

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