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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 South West


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By Anonymous , 19-05-2008

Rent a surfboard - Anybody know a surfshop where to rent a surfboard in the area of Dingle? I 'll spend just a couple of days down there and I 'd like to catch some good waves.
Thanks for any help!!

By driftwood , 21-12-2007

localism - unfortunately, this issue is being raised more often about spots in eire but the usual rules apply, smile and say hello in the line up and 9 out of 10 times the local crews will let you have your share of waves and will be interested to talk to you, its a fact that the breaks are getting more crowded but ive surfed many places around the globe and find we still have quiet breaks, most of the problems people meet are young lads who dont even live close to what they call their local breaks and often its just jealosy over ability, i hope none of what you read will put you off coming to eire, its still a hell of a lot more relaxed than most european spots other than the odd unlucky few encounters, for every one bad experience you read of her there was probably a 1000 good ones had by punters that just dont get written about, hope to see you in one of our many lineups and share a few pints of arthur with you after

By T-Rex , 24-11-2007

Ride Deals- Cork City - Looking for rides to the beach from Cork City. Won't pussy out, complain about early starts, and willing to wear blindfold if zodiacs or float planes are involved. Will also pay gas money. Sweet deal. Ten years surfing experience but no car for the time.

Contact Tony 0876636318 or

By Will not Tolerate , 21-08-2007

Line up Detritus - Please all you visitors do not judge us here on according to the behaviour of Mr Burke. If you are hassled here by a Red suited, ginger, Campervan driving 'local', please report him to the local police who will be more than happy to asist you and us in getting rid of him.

By Anonymous , 23-04-2007

Ireland in July/August?! - olà compadres!
its a shame: surfing & travelling up and down the european coast for more than 10 years, i never made it up to ireland. sorry for that! but this summer my girlfriend made the decision for me: up to ireland, she said.
i know that july/august is not the "best" season of the year, but is it possible to score some good ones? which is the best area in this time of the year? and how is it travelling & camping in a volkswagen-van?
thanks a lot!!

By martin , 20-10-2006

looking for waves - i am coming to live in ireland for a year from feb from aust and will be living on south east coast are there any waves in wexford area when is best time to surf

By DOC , 26-09-2006

Not so scarey after all - Well I went to the south west and surfed and really enojyed it. Was down in Bandon bay and over in Inch, locals were well sound. Some really class waves, the waves in Inch were really good fun, even though there were sets of 2-3 meters the day I was there they were easy to catch and such fun to ride. That and also having such scenary was unbelieveable. All in all I'd totally recommend the south west of Ireland to surf, it was a really over all experience and I am surf you could better breaks and spots than those that I surfed.

By Anonymous , 26-09-2006

- A shaddup james!

By jay to the k , 31-08-2006

kook - what a stupid word thats taking over in ireland its not even a real feckin word

By Anonymous , 24-08-2006

Australia - Hammer its no different in Oz. I'm just back after spending 8 months in a camper van trying to surf the East coast of Australia. The surfers over there are real territorial and have a real alpha male attitude towards beginners. I am only learning to surf and I'm looking forward to trying some spots here at home. I hope its not as bad here. I thought surfers were laid back easy going dudes but some of the people I've met have changed my opinion. The waves are there for everyone so surf on dude.....

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