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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


Ireland, North West

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By Anonymous , 18-04-2010

Surfing Dub - Went on a surf trip on my own last May after havin only surfed Rossnowlagh a few times! First stop was Easky! Arrived in the evening and immediately felt nervous. Daunting waves for a beginner and breaking on front of a small cliff. Got the bottle up and decided the best way to tackle it would be straight out against the wave at the mouth of the river I think! A body boarder kindly pointed out i'd be better paddling out round the back from the pier! Off i went and start paddling across and got taken by a wave on front of the small cliff! Tried to stand and got taken by another! Shit myself n thought it was goin to be the death of me! Lucky for me I got washed up on a rocky gap in the cliff! Easky wasnt for me, found the waves I was looking for further down the coast in Lahinch! Currently surfing Scarborough beach in Western Australia! Ill be back Easky!

By Marcio Furstenau , 21-05-2008

Place to stay - Hi, planning to stay there for some time and wonder if there are hostels or B&B in the area as I couldnt find any in the net? Any help is welcome, thanks, good waves for all!!

By Anonymous , 12-04-2007

Easkey Initiation - Aye hey. Still a beginner /intermediate surfer and surfed Easkey last summer. Looked harmless enough from the shore but there was some big sets coming in pretty irregularly. Be careful with the rocks and getting knocked on the first wave you catch. The ones that follow hurt real bad.

By Slap Head , 23-10-2006

- Jeeze some of those old guys can rip. There are a serious bunch of 50yr+ guys at this break.Cut backs are not in their dictionary . Respect.!Enjoy.

By Mr. Pizza Fantastic , 21-10-2006

Epic - I was in Easky in the middle of September 2007. Waves were between 3-7 ft for the weekend. Lots of people out but there was enough variation between the waves so that everyone could catch one. At one point, a load of awesome locals came in and showed us all how it is done but apart from that two hour stretch, there were waves aplenty.

Nice on a longboard when the waves are smaller.

By Cool Surfdude , 02-09-2005

NICE - Camped in Easky for 3 Nights, waves were 2-3ft one day and 6-8ft the next. Waves were perfect and locals are a great bunch,very friendly. Watch out for the rip and rocks.

By Harry (OZ) , 30-06-2005

Good stuff - Sounds like a great spot and uncrowded. Surfing all my life at my local (Bondi) sees 200 out on a weekend. I could almost get lonely out with 20 people. Is there a surf hire shop there??????

By mo chara , 23-06-2005

fer definate hi!!!!! - easky definately rocks!!
and there is no argument about it! hyad the best surf of my life there last agust (2004) 6-7 foot and clean asa whistle on the left and i had to my self for 3 hours in 1 mornin also having the hottest day all summer!!!

By lost Waterford surfer , 26-03-2005

chasing Easkey - Camped at Easkey left several years back and will never forget settling down at night to the sound of a 2-3ft swell and waking to the roar of a 6-8ft monster swell on high-tide. Surfed with surf-skiers/canoeists/body-boarders on the left until the tide dropped too much then only the brave ventured out as the swell grew. Moved onto the right for a truely great wave. Most unforgettable surfing experience ever. Got hammered/tubed/belted-off rocks/stoked/jaded and 8hrs surfing into one day. Others there were from UK/Scotland/France/Spain/NI and locals. Small place, big ego's and that was 1990. That place is special, not private.

By anonymous , 17-03-2005

yeah - Easkey is great, except for the shits in the bathroom, they are always clogged. otherwise, it is pura vida. i was there in september and got some nice waves, and got to see kevin naughton surf and margo. camping is free and the castle is nice and mcgowans has nice pints and the one indian restraunt has amazing food and good views of surf. dont go if yee dont like rain and if you are not a good person, or some sort of agrokook from socal. con seguridad la aventura es perdido hello to mark the swede and the peter in the trailer and all in rossnalwagh

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