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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 North East and East


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By surferjb , 21-02-2011

Good Surf - There are some good spots on the North Coast and West Coast of Ireland and sometimes if you're lucky enough you can even surf East Coast at Newcastle/Annalong. Helps if you know ppl down there to check the swell tho. There are a few ways to check the swell at Portrush or Bundoran to make sure its worth your while goin.. but when its kickin off you can get some amazing waves and tubes! Definately worth a visit!

By Jameos del Port-y-down , 25-07-2005

my wave - Shams...I know a semi-secret sandbar wave up tha Norf Coast. Locals only. Armagh boyz only welcome anytime.

Barrals man. I love it on my longboard, sleeping in the wagon, and getting pitted for breakfast.

By anonymous , 01-07-2005

- June/July, if you're lucky you'll get a wave

Portrush = 30 miles
west coast = 100 miles, approx!

the surf in Ireland is too fickle and inconsistent to call any time of year, just cross your fingers and hope

By Ryan , 09-05-2005

visiting relatives and hoping to score NI - My Dad and I are coming to Ballymena sometime between the end of June or early July to look up some relatives. Are there any shops along the Northeast coast that rent boards if there happens to be swell when I'm there, or will somebody loan me a board in return for a few pints at their local drinking establishment? What do surfers wear at this time of year, 3/2, 4/3, boots, gloves? How long of a drive are the decent surfing beaches from Ballymena? How long is it to drive over towards the West coast of Ireland? Is it relatively easy going back and forth from Ireland to Northern Ireland. We'll probably rent a car out of Belfast Airport. Not looking forward to the exchange rate...........damm our weak American Dollar! Thanks for any info. Hoping for some swell, any swell!

By anon , 18-03-2005

not great - it's flat for long periods at a time, often onshore, can be very cold, very expensive, and it still crowded nowadays....go to Indo

By , 13-01-2005

Less poltics more surfing - First of all Mr Orange, hope you get a rip some day that makes you scared whitless!More importantly folks, how lucky are we on thw North Shore, some special breaks like Black Rocks, Whiterocks but the jewel in our crown is east strand. Multiple sandbars produce great tubing left and rights. To all those who dont live in Ireland, get on a plane and come surf with us locals, we welcome all surfers. Also for those mad at heart, try The Slab or The Barmouth at Castlerock, seek and you shall find,lol!!

By JK , 06-01-2005

Mr Orange the fool - Mr Orange your a buffon, surfing transends all religious and political divides, go back to the middle ages where you belong you inbred redneck hillbilly.

By Anonymous , 26-07-2004

To Mr Orange - We are talking about surfing NOT POLITICS!!!!!!!!!! Surfing takes all that shit away. I just hate it, its Northern Ireland sumed up. We do have so good people in it.

By Xavier , 23-07-2004

Kick him!!! - Just kick this stupid guy!!!
We don't need you mr orange
Peace from France

By anonymous , 16-07-2004

UK - I say what?

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