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S.A.L.T - Surfer Agro Lacking Tolerance https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html In a world where there's no shortage of hatred and bigotry, we have yet another group to add to the list of those promoting hatred - S.A.L.T. <br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Thu, 05 Aug 2010 12:24:59 +0100 Surfing in Iceland https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html Hi there Check out www.adventurebox.is and www.surf.is These guys provide private guidance and rental.<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Mon, 02 Aug 2010 06:21:48 +0100 Looking for local info https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html Going to Reykjavik next week, and I'm hoping for at least one day of surf. Looking for locals to give me some inside info on the breaks, and maybe even someone to surf with? Any help is appreciated! [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 21 Feb 2010 20:00:15 +0100 Looking for local info https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/porlackshofn/index.html Going to Reykjavik next week, and I'm hoping for at least one day of surf. Looking for locals to give me some inside info on the breaks, and maybe even someone to surf with? Any help is appreciated! [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/porlackshofn'>Porlackshofn</a> (Iceland, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 21 Feb 2010 19:47:25 +0100 Surfing Iceland https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/porlackshofn/index.html This tuesday, I going to Iceland, because... Is it possible to hire a board and a suit somewere near raijavic? I was stoked about the surf forcast!! Ciao Daantj, from Holland!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/porlackshofn'>Porlackshofn</a> (Iceland, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Mon, 10 Aug 2009 00:04:01 +0100 haha https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html and i couldnt find who wrote this: "You might think icelanders are friendly but they do have other things on their mind!" ..but i can say that it's true, we're all unbelievably friendly but it doesnt [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 02 Dec 2007 00:15:14 +0100 teehee https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html hey buddy this is a top class place but just not for surfing :D<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 02 Dec 2007 00:11:45 +0100 any rentals? https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html Are there any places to rent boards? If not, is the surf worth dragging your board around the country for ten days?<br><br>To the guy who left the last message, what does this mean: "You might think i [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sat, 14 Jul 2007 02:23:55 +0100 odd of todd land ole spuds FPG??????? https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html yo, wasin the land o ice once, surfed at 10 pm musta been june? wasnt that cold, wasnt warm, hooked up with george,went to a fun point i had a blast! my mother was chilling in the rental car, she was [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Wed, 04 Jul 2007 04:20:13 +0100 To yellows.. https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html I'd recomend eating lots of rice to stay warm...maybe some dog aswell..<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Wed, 11 Apr 2007 20:29:43 +0100 beware, but i´ll show you! https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html There is no surf in Iceland, but if you want to surf in iceland go to the place "Hlemmur" in the central of Reykjavik and pick buss number 11 and it will guide you on the best surf-spots around!<br>Y [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 24 Dec 2006 16:29:33 +0100 Hi there https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html I would recommend a fullsuit at least 5mm.. I am using 7mm diving suit and feeling fine, but the 5mm will work just as good.<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Fri, 06 Oct 2006 14:46:41 +0100 HOLA https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/garur/index.html OK , SORRY THAT I DONT WRITE IN ICELANDIC , IM PEDRO FROM ESPAÑA AND I GOING THERE IN OCTOBER AND I LL WILL LIKE TO HAVE CONTAC WHIT SURFERS FROM ICELAND , SALUDOS<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/garur'>Garur</a> (Iceland, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Thu, 05 Oct 2006 19:53:50 +0100 please advice us https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html Hello, Ifm e-mailing from Japan.<br>We are planning a trip on Nov that we want to go freezing area.<br>So we want to know what kind of equipment we need to surf (what kinda wetsuits we need etcc.. [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Mon, 11 Sep 2006 05:45:35 +0100 iceland not on the map https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/porlackshofn/index.html i just went too a shop too by an atlas, and when i was looking i noticed iceland was not on the map<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/porlackshofn'>Porlackshofn</a> (Iceland, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Wed, 10 May 2006 03:41:26 +0100 . https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html All that coastline - lets see more spots iceland!<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Tue, 09 May 2006 01:26:22 +0100 Respect! https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/sandvik/index.html All icelanders surfers you have my entire respect! <br>Hats off! <br>Who ever call himself hardcord surfer should pay a trip and visit these guys.<br>Despite the wave quality surfing in these freezing [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/sandvik'>Sandvik</a> (Iceland, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 02 Apr 2006 12:13:46 +0100 Lighthouse https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/grindavik_lighthouse/index.html The actual break is closer to the harbor breakwall than the lighthouse. A really nice left. Works best on anything with an easterly wind. On westerly winds the point on the other side of the harbor, c [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/grindavik_lighthouse'>Grindavik lighthouse</a> (Iceland, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sun, 02 Apr 2006 09:39:55 +0100 stavanger dont do einar https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html Island is about 10 times more consistent than the stavanger area norway, definantly the place to go. Stavanger area on the other hand is crap, whatever you heard about it. most of the spot only work o [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Fri, 10 Mar 2006 16:55:16 +0100 surfing Iceland https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html I am coming to Iceland in March and want to know if it is surfable then. Also what is water temp?<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Tue, 21 Feb 2006 14:29:17 +0100 Canary Islands https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/evans_reef/index.html UMMM! that right really looks like San Juan Beach in Lanzarote. The same volcanic reef and everything... but colder I suposse. I live in Akureyri and will show up soon there. I have been surfing durin [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/evans_reef'>Evans reef</a> (Iceland, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sat, 28 Jan 2006 22:09:56 +0100 Surfer from Canary Islands in Akureyri https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html Hi there. I live in Akureyri, I«m from Gran Canaria, where I used to surf almost everyday at the beach in front of my house. I started surfing when I was 6 years old with my older sister, now I am 30 [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sat, 28 Jan 2006 21:52:41 +0100 waves, sharks ,where to go https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/evans_reef/index.html im 14 years old and where should i surf is there a problem with sharks, do they eat people <br><br>tim,sweden,stockholm .ps .where are the bigges waves<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/evans_reef'>Evans reef</a> (Iceland, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Wed, 30 Nov 2005 10:50:48 +0100 Dizzamn nukka !!! https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/porlackshofn/index.html erybody keep doin' thur thangz<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/porlackshofn'>Porlackshofn</a> (Iceland, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Wed, 30 Nov 2005 10:14:03 +0100 magic iceland https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland/index.html quite long time ago i came into iceland for a year (the greatest experience in my short life). although i did not have the chance to ride waves, i must come back there and try on with a local waveride [...]<br /><br />Location <a href='https://www.wannasurf.com/spot/Europe/Iceland'>Iceland</a> (Europe, Iceland) Wannasurf.com Sat, 19 Nov 2005 12:30:50 +0100