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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By CST , 20-05-2004

aloha to the brothers of the waves - this is an invitation to all to chill, sow the good seed, and not to assume or cast bad energy to the bros anywhere in the waves. we are all one wave. peace

By GREEK SURFER , 05-05-2004

5-5-2004 the bigest Kastro spot - 4 meters waves. 300 meters ride. KASTRO the best spot in Greece

By Hellenic Surfing Association , 18-04-2004

2004 Greek Open Surfing Championships - Scheduled for mon and tues nov 1 and 2nd in crete. more info at (click on surfing link). crete is pumping right now...

By cretan surf tribe , 14-04-2004

crete wave forecast for april 15-22 - tribe territory is going to be gnarly. pack your stick and get in the water. bros, the house is open....bring some more wax!!

By For Med , 08-04-2004

ASP EUROPE - A very big swell is coming at the are of Preveza at the 10th of April

By Jimy poter , 03-04-2004

Greek waves - I was in Greece the 1998.No surfers no infos about it.Now many surfers,and great spots.why?

By Yannis , 19-03-2004

Voula Surfers - Parga and Agia Marina Athens have the best waves in Greece

By are very elusive... , 19-03-2004

Waves in the Islands??? - Aside from Crete, Gavdos gets lots of surf. To the north, Ikaria gets waves, Tinos and Naxos, but quality is the main issue. The winds chop up the waves, for the winds make the waves. On Santorini, there's the beach breaks and reef to the north, and to the west there is a beach break on one of the smaller satellite crater islands. Also, during a big Sirocco swell, you may find some big waves elsewhere near Akrotiri. Unfortunately, all this rarely happens. From all reports and experience, Crete and the islands to the west such as Zykanthos and the spots already listed here on the mainland, and Ikaria to the East get surf. I want to find out about a regular spot in the Cyclades for surfing that has good waves- not slop. Who knows where this is? NOT windsurfing!!!!

By Thera , 18-03-2004

Santorini - Has surf on the north shore, but there must be a real N swell. There's a big beachbreak fronting the fields, and a reef near the airport. But again, there must be a real gorundswell or it won't break.

By anonymous , 17-03-2004

Kreta has good waves - I was emailed pictures of kreta spots today and look very, very good. what is the Kreta surf tribe? Others say to learn more before go. I go to Kreta in summer that is why.

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