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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anka , 19-06-2006

closest spot to hamburg?! - hi" i know someone was asking kind of the same question before, but there is no good answer to find... i moved to hamburg 2 month ago and because my new board finally got here i start asking myself where i could take it to testride? which would be the next/ best spot to go to?
are there any waves in summertime at all? and is it worth giving it a try on a shortboard anyway? i'd be more than thankful for your answer...

By anonymous , 13-09-2005

Surf in Germany - Hye goin to be in germany in may,june,july and stayin near hamburg. Where should i surf??? argh i cant survive withou it pls..pls write back

By anonymous , 14-08-2005

SURFING IN GERMANY - Surfing in Germany has always been and probably will always be something exotic! This is mainly due to the fact that the German North Sea coast is a unique phenomenon, the so called "Wattenmeer" which is at low- tide a muddy 30 km wide beach-like stretch in front of the coast, that doesn´t allow swell to hit. The only place where acceptable waves are to be had are the islands, which are positioned at the end of the Wattenmeer and can only be reached by long and expensive ferry rides(sometimes they make you pay for your board as well). The Baltic Sea gets some waves, but not as frequent as the North Sea, and smaller. Nevertheless for surfers from Hamburg and north Germany in general, good spots in Denmark are only a 4 hours ride and definitely worth a weekend or day trip on a good swell. Surfers from the western metropolitan area "Ruhrpott" even have acceptable surf in 2+ hours reach at the dutch coast. The rest of Germany had better move!

By Ek , 12-07-2005

- Crappy at best in the North See

By Mad Mike from Florida... , 12-06-2005

wilhemlshaven?? - Will be there in about a month, is there such a thing as surfing there?? Please advise.

By anonymous , 21-12-2004

sick - ist about w-town.s-w storm insane lefts up to 80-100 m waves
6-7ft but da worst current!

By Jorge Tenerife , 28-07-2004

surf in Germany? - Best waves to surf in Germany are blondy girls.....

By lö , 08-10-2003

fehmarn!!!!!! - hi graha
to surf a spot on fehmarn,you needs very hard onshorewind conditions--there´s no swell to pump--u hjust need a lot of wind+++schick ihn!!!!!!!1

By , 13-05-2003

G Village - When you go to the G Village e-link the title is LACANAU, FRANCE, Is just the title wrong or the whole info? PLS answer ASAP. And if posible list a mayor city close to G Village, in the mean time I will go back to my wife and surf her G Spot.

By anonymous , 21-03-2003

no title - audi very fast car ya

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