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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Bud Bud

France, Vendee

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By Anonymous , 17-06-2010

surf in august - can i rent a board or do i have to bring one with me. i am going to stay only 3-4 days

By Anonymous , 17-06-2010

end of august - are there any places wher i can rent surfboards or do i have to bring one with me.?

By Anonymous , 21-01-2010

bud - hi everyone,
i was (and still) surfing bud 20 years ago but it was already easy to found and mostly crowded... now its worst than never,locals started to get mad... don't go there,that's an advice...

By bat44 , 22-09-2009

- september to november or
april to june : perfect : not many people and perfect wave

By rohan , 25-08-2008

The name - hi just got back from bud bud, i asked the local surf boys who run the shops there and they reckoned it was because of an old bloke, who was a legend of the area and he always surfed there, his nickname was bud and so they named it after him. maybe the big waves coming in twos then became bud bud.

By Anonymous , 19-08-2008

Why Bud Bud ? - I've read that some of you were wondering about the strange name of this spot. Well, the explanation is not as romantic as some i've read on different websites but it's still fun.
20 years ago, this beach was totally unknown, hidden by the forest, there were no houses along the coast, it was wild and very difficult to find. Still, there were two houses on the roadside near the junction you use to go in the direction of the beach. On one of these houses, there was an advertisement painted on a wall for... Budweiser ! Yeah, and it was the only guess that indicated you the near spot so the locals (i was born in Vendée) used to call the spot Bud.
The nature of the wave changed during those years but originally the biggest waves came in two... so the spot was called "Bud Bud".
End of the mysterious name :)

By the englishman who will drop in on kooks , 20-08-2006

careful - locals, agro and way to busy, crowded at 6 am every morning even if you get there at first light there is always someone in. forget the weekends its always rammed, i live here and dont bother anymore, good when its on.

By fender bender , 14-08-2005

???? - Whent the same time as last jear (end of july) and i was there for 2 days and had more waves the last year when i went 2 weeks ?? I was lucky I think. I am going again this year the first week of september Ill wil up-load some pics of of the stuff that go's re-out >:)

By anonymous , 02-08-2005

Just come back from this area 2/8/05 - Ive surfed many spots around the world but this place is amazing, and pretty much lived up to the pics on here!... its a strange place as i arrived there a few times at low tide and there was barly a long boardable wave then as the tide comes in the wave gets bigger and steeper, its very easy to find and theres spots up and down the beach from is without any doubt my new favorite place, chilled locals (who even started to give waves, and when someone did drop in they were always quik with 'iam sorry' or 'je regret')... amazing easy to ride barrely wave...(rights are better than lefts)

By Jam , 18-07-2005

Bud bud consisent - Just got back from two week stint in france stayed around bud-bud /les conches for 5 days and had consistent swell everyday of atleast 3ft. Locals are friendly altho main peak at bud bud can be crowded but u can still get a wave. At 5ft this place is awesome and les conches is perfectly manageable in onshores, far more consistent than uk especially in the summer.

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