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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By anonymous , 24-09-2005

- Normandy is crap, it's better to go a couple of hundred km further on untill you get to some real surfspots

By , 04-06-2005

licence surf - hello for the summer 2005 it' forbident to surf in siouville without surfing licence.prefectoral arrest is take with indefinit time .take a licience in our club for surfing .

By anonymous , 14-05-2004

be patient - You have to be patient in Normandy, waves don't break often

By anonymous , 06-03-2003

KM - Wanted to buy digital surfing footage bodyboarding short board quality stuff only
Will pay good money, the bigger the better. Will pay by the minute. high profile
Surfers preferred but not essential and if you know some one that’s out there taking
good footage let them know contact me at

By anonymous , 20-10-2002

Cherbourg peninsula - If you like surfing in close out conditions with nuclear polluted waters, then you'll find your paradise here.If not forget it! You'd better go in Britany.

By anonymous , 20-05-2002

no title - Your "Accomodations" should have 2 "m"s

By , 19-11-2000

longboard cotentin - hy , just a word to say you that Normandy , is a good area for longboard , very good swell and a nice place .
If you want further informations please do not hesitate to watch my site

By , 22-09-2000

English Please! - Please note that we want to keep Wannasurf relevent to as many surfers as possible: please keep messages and reports in English!

By anonymous , 21-09-2000

Cherbourg is fun - Si vous avez pris des bouffes toute la journée sur les spots de la côte west, attention! la plus sévère ne fait que arriver! Prenez l'apéro au Commerce à Cherbourg de 17h à 22h, Manger au commerce de 22h à 23h avec du jaja, et aprés, essayer de défiés les locaux à la Jupil. Si vous êtes encore en vie à 2h du mat, direction le Crab qui bourg, pour s'atomiser au Whisky.... Et si il vous en reste sous le pied, allez jetter un oiel au Freedom PD café....

By anonymous , 20-09-2000

Cotentin Surf Club - Hey guys !

Welcome , the best season for surfing is during the months of October and November. Respect locals on ours crowed
spots like Collignon and l'Anse du Brick.


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