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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


France, Normandy

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By Anonymous , 02-06-2013

- Does anybody know where are surfboard rent there?

By daniel br , 09-08-2010

October surf - Hey - Does anyone know how Etretat is during mid october?
I have read that i should be good in the autumm - but do any of you guys know more?

I'm from Denmark, and apperently the nearest GOOD spot is a 12 hour drive... ETRETAT.



By Anonymous , 11-05-2007

Etretat on sunday - Hello,

Me and a couple of friends are gonna go to Etretat this Sunday, because we think it will be good ( small but good). Does Etretat only work on low tide, or also with mid tide?



By michael , 10-03-2007

les conditions ..? - salut les gens je madresse au local détretat...
je suis surfer kitsurfer de vague pro et moi et mon equipe exilé en france pour lhiver on a besoin de keleke renseignement sur le spot pour faire un séquence photo pour un magazine oz ..
quel son les meilleurs condit en mars ?ou avril ? possible? les vents les marée ? les courants ? merci pour les renseignements ..

By someone , 12-12-2006

- Just stop insulting charles and telling that etretat is a crappy spot, because it's not!! it simply can be magic some days but some people can't be there to see this!! If you're not glad just stop sending posts !!I'm not a local but i find this spot really nice , and even if some people think that the locals are stupid, there are not!!! they really can be nice! trust me!

By Anonymous , 06-12-2006

xxxxsurf - hey travis, please stop talking : what you say makes me laugh.
en clair, on t'emmerde.

By Anonymous , 30-11-2006

travis mail - omg

oh my god. another s....d surfer local.If all locals send mails like this, i think without any doubt that this f.....g spots is polluted.
Come on guys, have funs don t try to seem as hot locals surfers guys, please don t forget that this spot is only crappy, not enough good to play hero like this.
You remind me locals of PSG playing with a maccabi fan.
Stop this !

By Anonymous , 25-11-2006

junlay - you don't come from etretat...
locals are very friendly as charles, but holidays makers don't have the priority. I understand him, i think it's you the babies, who don't see fordward in their mind.

By travis , 22-11-2006

lol of charles too ! - ok charles,

ijust read cracoote mail. i am ok with him, i am sure you are not rich, rich people are generous, you are not. poor wrong locals, want to keep these waves 4 them, like you, cause they have only this 4 them, nothing else. i am sure you are not rich . In areas surfing places classic like california, or basque coast, things like this are so funny now. But 4 you it is the reflect of such a bad feeling.. than i am ok with cracoote, you make me laugh like a little child . So go play alone with your mushy wave, And i repeat like cracoote, dude you ARE NOT A FLECHE.You are a lonely BLAIREAU !

By Anonymous , 16-11-2006

lol charles - ok charles,
i repeat, you are not a Fleche, read again my message, however you work to la poste or you don t work, i haten stupid locals like you. your spot is sloopy, and if someone show your monky stand up style on a wave, say yhim thank you, not WAR.
so i repeat , you are not a fleche
you are not rich, or no english learning
make love not war.
bye bye hotlocal

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