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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Vieux Boucau north beach

France, Landes

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By anonymous , 01-03-2005

Better than the rest - Surfed here sept 2004, stayed at the camp site,v good, and felt that Vieux boucau had the best bars along the coast. In twelve days there the surf only died twice, most days 4-6 ft. Heavenly on a clean day, hard work though on a 9ft board, the good rides are fast and hollow, the wipe outs left me picking sand from my arse for days, all in all a pure gem. Locals were cool only seemed to be Germans hassling everyone!!!!!!!

By , 02-03-2004

dear vieux boucau - Dear All,please tell Paul Bond to get in touch, also anyone else that knows me, Dave Lee? Howsit? Missing the waves in France. Lots of love to all and sundry,Davos
ps Been locked in psychiatric icu unit and pumped full of meds for being to fucken cool and saying no to stranges. Buying new board soon though, see ya out there?!

By , 28-01-2004

Do you have waves there? - Hi guys!
I started to surf three years ago and I love it, altough
I live in germany...
that´s the reason why I always come at the summerholiday
for 3-4 weeks.
I am not that bad, tough I´m a german ;)...
But thats equal now, I just want to know how the waves are in LES LANDES or VIEUX BOUCAU?
see you next summer at the beach at the secret way to the good waves...

By Pollo (Dino) , 28-01-2004

Hola juantxo - Dear friend!
Just in this moment I wanted to see the ocean and the waves, so I decided to visit a page on the internet which offer free view at webcams...
I miss the waves and your family and I´d like to surf right now!
hasta luego

By Un apneiste niçois , 06-11-2003

fuck locals - Un grand merci à un dénommé Pascal surfeur à vieux-boucau et commercial chez salomon (si ce n'est pas lui mille escuses d'avance) de nous avoir pourri une session qui à priori était pour les débutants: 30 à 60cm...
Ce gros con s'est mi à l'eau alors que le petit spot comportait déjà 15 pers... et local oblige il a commencé a prendre toutes les vagues que se soit parcequ'il était mieux placé ou en snapant ou en dropant à tour de bras...
Aprés une petite discution j'ai appri qu'on, selon ces dires, n'aurait jamais la priorité qu'on devait tous fermer notre gueule et que tout le monde le gènait...
Donc merci gros connard de nous avoir montré à quel point un local pouvait être con et borné mais rassure toi tu ne nous a pas dégoutés du surf bien au contraire nous avons décidés de faire chaque année un stage sur ton spot favori!

By Asher A. , 05-09-2003

Waves ? - I been over there at July/2003 for one week.
All week long the sea was flat !
On my last hours (saturday evening) the sea raised up and bring swalls of 2-3m height.
it was AMAZING hours that worth it all !

By mike , 02-09-2003

forget it in summer - Good spot in autumn , but also good early in the morning during the summer (6 -7 am). Some locals are very sensitive , so take it easy and give an" hi " when you arrive on the line-up .

By tobi_s , 24-11-2002

no title - i surfed Vieux Bouceau this september and all i can say is epic... we had overhead surf with stand-up barrels and offshore till 17,00 in the evening.

By Steve D , 02-08-2002

Summer 2002 - I was there late June/early July and although it wasn't classic, it was still a good wave. As usual, early morning is best and no crowds. Later in day it got busy but no problems or hassles. Strong rip on the bigger days which drags you South so be warned.

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