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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


France, Gironde

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By Semi Fish , 06-06-2013

- cheap campsite near the ocean,fresh market everyday were you can eat and drink youreself to death, always had friendly people in the lineup, on good days there are lots of peaks. talk to the surfshopowners and ask how the south, center and nordspots works best and you surf alot more!
the only downside is that you have to guard youre stuff otherwise its just gone... as wel in highseazon as in offseazon! GUARD YOURE STUFF!

By marckubik , 12-01-2008

bouhgt a board shaped by phil - i just bought a 9" single fin, shaped by phil in 97 -
is this the phillip you were talkin about?? i like to have 2 questions - maybe you an give me his email ??

By , 03-05-2006

there is also a groine at Montalivet. - A friend named Phillipe owns a surf shop in Montalivet. i met him in Bali 8 years ago, i stayed in Mont. for 2 weeks and surfed in a rash vest and boardies in 13 degree waters... ouch! there is a groine at the end of the road that takes you through the heart of the little holiday township. it cranks a nice 2-5 foot left and right! there is also a nudist camp 2-3 km south, population swells from 2,000 to 100,000 in summer!

By arnaud Dejean - local bodyboarder , 19-03-2004

my homebreak... - Montalivet is often good... you just have to seek the right peak, the right swell... and follow local boys, not only the ones you can see in the center beach (la colonne) but those who rip the place and know where to go ... It's a nice place not crowded, I LOVE IT (naturist's beach = awesome peaks)

By The Search - , 07-03-2003

?! - The spot isnt so easy to surf because of the underground. But the dunes are easy to pass. i dont know what your condition is like but if you re training a bit theres no problem!!
Only a Surfer knows the feeling!

By ano ano , 13-10-2002

no title - due to distance from city area, "not that easy dune crossing" to reach the spot from car park, risks of frequent car robberies, un-satisfied gilrl friend about beach choice, heavy perfectly shape locals that you will have "to switch" for taking off on that always bigger swell than in "Monta" and well more protected from the onshore wind , ...and related to the necessity of a perfect knowledge of tide/swell/sand-bank/wind equation....

in a word, for sure you all are absolutely welcome to share those perfects uncrowded mellow sets that happen so often that you can't sometime belive it, even after twenty five years surfing there !

PS: change your "chips alike board" for a local production adapted to those slower waves if you want to surf many waves in place of watching and freezing... !

Gey Gey

By xav , 05-10-2002

respect the spot - hi i ve been surfing this spot for 15 years with my best friend please respect the place and the people who surf this kind-of-paradise soul surfing is the rule here

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