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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


France, Gironde

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By Anonymous , 22-09-2011

Lacanau Show - The seaside resort Lacanau is consistently the most crowded surf spot in the Gironde departement.
To be honest this probably has nothing to do with the quality of the waves. Rather there are three reasons why Lacanau is such a surfers magnet: Firstly the spot "enjoys" an annual 6* WQS event, which gathers a lot of people/media. Secondly it is the largest dwelling along the Girondine coastline and thirdly you can drive up to the main beach and check the surf from your car (a rare "gift" along this sand-dune dominated coastline). Consequently Lacanau sees a lot of (arguably too much) action (party-wise and surf-wise) during the Summer. The rest of the year, however, Lacanau is pretty much a ghost town... occasionally offering great surf!

By Ben , 30-07-2009

Bus to Lacanau Ocean - Take the bust from Bordeaux. Ask for the "Lacanau Ocean carte", not "bus", because it's more like a coach. Warning there's no bathroom onboard and its about a 2 hour ride, so hit the bog beforehand. Costs about 14e one way and 24e return. The bus leaves from Bordeaux St Jean, That station is called Garde St Jean in the local subway system. Go to the end of the line and follow the smile to the beach.

By Anonymous , 06-07-2007

Travelling to Lacanau from Bordeaux - Hello, will be flying into Bordeaux Airport and was hoping someone could advise me as to where you can catch a bus to take you to Lacanau. If anyone knows then would really appreciate any info. Thanks

By , 24-06-2007

accomodation??! - Hi Im looking for shared accomodation or whatever anyone can offer thats cheap and surfer friendly! in lacanau ocean from 14th - 21st august? cheers

By leo , 29-05-2007

informations - Hi,
Lacanau is pretty safe for kids as it's a beach break and there is lots of life guard.
Campground on lacanau are really expensive but you may camp on le moutchique it's near lacanau(4 km) and it's chipper than lacanau océan. The bus from bordeaux to lacanau is really expensive (about 20€).

By , 28-05-2007

accomodation - Hey guys.

Any good hostels in the area? Whats the public transport like into Bordeaux? Dane

By , 08-05-2007

Safe for kids????? - Hi, we're off to Lacanau in August 2007. Yes I expect it'll be packed but what I really want to know is how safe the water is for kids? We'll have three with us, aged 9,10, 11. They'll want to do a bit of bodyboarding. I've heard the rip can be nasty..... are there life guards there? Or will we have to keep an eye on them all the time they're in the water?

By Dennis , 07-03-2007

Camp Sites - Hey there,

I wish to visit Lacanau this year. Can anyone recommend a camp site?

By Anonymous , 23-12-2006

come in septembre - hey Jason and Thomas . U should come in september or all winter and enjoy some nice beachbreak multipeaks .

By jason , 11-11-2006

william, stay in stinky lacanau - hey william, you love lacanau so much....stay there, kook. no shit it's usually offshore in the morning, anyone can figure that out. and as for your son breaking 2 boards there; big f*cking deal. i've seen guys at pumping hossegor break 2 boards in 1 hour. i break boards all the time, so what? sh*t happens bro. you just sound like some angry old man longboarder. lacanau is perfect for you. try coming to where i live in santa cruz and surfing steamer lane on a solid groundswell when it's double overhead and then we'll see if you've got the sack to even paddle out. i doubt it. so don't come posting on this site talking shit about guys like me when you don't know who the f*ck you're talking about. got it "bro?"

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