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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Brittany North


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By , 03-05-2007

Are there Waves in summer? - Hi there, I would like to know
how is the surf In Brittany in Summer?
I have free time only in that time and
previous year I was in Portugal and it was pretty good
Now I would like to know any feedback and which
are the plays where I can Find waves .
Hi all

By flysurf , 17-03-2007

to meatyvan - many waves are waiting to be discovered if you have a boat you will be the king

By Ed , 09-08-2006

Perros-Guirec - Just been on a trip around that area and although the coast looks like it has plenty of potential in winter dont bother in the summer. I got one good day at Trestrao plage but the best spot was Loquirec. A nice river mouth break which is well worth checking out if the swell gets that far up the coast. If you do go take a snorkel & flippers as the diving around the granite coast is awsome and the locals are pretty friendly.

By FLO , 09-10-2005

question!! - slt
a chaque fois que je passe sur cette plage ya pas grand chose!! sa marche bien ou quoi?!
je passerrai cet hiver en éspérant un peu de vagues!!
et sinon ya quoi comme autres spots aux alentours?! (je vien pas souvent donc je vais pas "encombrer!!)

si sa vous dit :

By MeatyVans , 26-10-2004

This coastline looks well shaped... - well it looks like it could have spots that will handle just about any wind direction, aslong as the swell is good.
Im an aussie planning a european adventure with my german girlfriend and this place looks like it may be worth a visit.
I heard there are many rocks in this area, i hope there will be some nice hollow reefbreaks to find, any tips anyone?
(I was local at a spot we call Shark island in australia)
You may have heard of it, would there be waves like this around? or anything with that has ledgy barrels around?

By anonymous , 11-06-2003

surfshop in brest!!! - Does anyone know if there are a surfshop in brest that rents boards? Fredrik in Sweden

By Tahitian supa'man , 15-02-2003

I love you - Listen to our gourou Yanick. He got it all right.
He and I are friends forever now.
Enough said.

By Will , 17-01-2003

Primel-Tregastel/Plougasnou - Anyone caught anything half reasonable in this area - suitable for a young teenager/beginner. North of Morlaix to the East of Roscoff

By Yannick Yellow board. , 02-09-2000

General info on North Brittany. - Approximately from Brest to Saint Malo, North Brittany (write it with 2 T and 1 N, please !), is mainly a rocky coast. Sharp rocks, round rocks, mid-sharp...any kind of rocks. Not forgeting your booties could be helpful and a marine chart could be, too.
The main West-East road is the N12 and it will take you 2 and a half hours to do the Brest-St. Malo easy-drive.

From Brest to Landéda (extreme West), you are in the Atlantic and the Iroise sea, which bathes the coast from Audierne to Le Conquet. From Landéda to Saint Malo, it is the Channel sea. The water hardly gets over 17°C in summer
(FULL SUIT 4x3) and can go as low as 7°C in the core of winter (february/march)
(FULL HOODED SUIT 5x4+booties+gloves+whatever you want to stay hot !).
The surf depends on how powerful the Atlantic swells are and the Eastward you go, the more powerful it has to be.
You can draw a line from the city of Lannion (main spot : Beg Léguer) to Trégastel harbour and the "Sept îles" : that is mainly the last influence zone of a 4 to 5 meters winter swell. Go Eastward again and you have few chances to surf anything but wind waves during or immediately after a gale.
For example, the surf in Saint Malo could be about 1 meter with a 30 knots wind when it can get up to 2 in the Brest zone. But...if you end up in St. Malo, the local design of the coast should lead you to explore the not-so-far Normandy point called "Cotentin". This one, because it faces the Atlantic, receives the swell easily; as well as the channel english-speaking islands.
There are few real local surfers as soon as you get Eastward over Lannion and, as a whole, the coast is mainly unsurfed and maybe even unexplored.
Obviously anyway, there is NO surf from Paimpol to the Saint Brieuc bay area.

The whole North Brittany coast, as well as the South one, is culturally strong (ask the french governments !), historically closer to the Celt period than the rest of France regions. The local language is breton, similar to welsh and irish. Most of the place and people's names mean nothing in any laguage but breton.
Local people may seem as cold as the water at first glance : it is because they don't expect you to become a friend. You should try, indeed, and if it works, it is for life.
Enough said.

By marius , 28-02-2000

good ! - I love Britanny but it's cold !

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