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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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France, Basque Country

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By Anonymous , 03-09-2008

just moved there from oz - It a fun cruisy wave that doesn't really break properly until it's head high, mellow locals if you show respect with lots of travelling europeans in the water. With the right swell direction and wind you can get some nice workable walls on the inside, but generally pretty fat.

By Anonymous , 13-07-2008

La fat ena - well just got back to australia from cheesy wine land (jai habite dans the sud ouest de Australie)I usally surf sucky beachbreaks and reef breaks in the north or south & Indonesia. I have been surfing for 25 years and I can say this.....Latfatena aint as easy as it looks, the wave is good fun, they have some good boards and the locals are cool .....enjoy...a bien tot

By Anonymous , 22-10-2007

La Fats - Overcrowded and definately over-rated.
Lafetania is also affectionately called Laugh ats, La Fats or La Farts. Can get good, doesn't happen very often.

By , 19-10-2006

Hey Man!! - Had been there in October'06 with 8ft. Some Sets were about 12ft. The different Sections linked up together and the right was realy long and heavy. Not for beginners. Only rocks at the bottom. There's a strong rip which goes to sharp rocks!! Nice, long right when it's on. Had some long Barrels there.
There's a camping directly at the spot(Acotz camping) and you can check the waves from your caravan. Nice view from the toilet tower. There's a heavy left on the left side of the bay. Only for Pro's or Kamikazies. Lot's of rocks at the take off section but really good wave. Have a lot of fun and bring more than one board!! Any questions, contact me!

By Pissed off , 18-10-2006

September 22nd 2006 - Cote d Basque maxed out. 15 mins south 6ft perfection. Word from the wise - dont get caught on the inside, and have an ignorant German longboarder take off over you, and trash your board, without even an apology.

By A-non. , 24-06-2006

fun but not world class - its an alright wave when its huge. otherwise its a mushball with a sometime inside section that can barrel. take off way deeper than all the dudes out there, just take off over on the boils and you can hit the lip where everyone takes off. evey time.

By lover not local , 27-09-2005

The wave - It´s other kind of wave,special,slower,longer...
Go to the beach breaks of Anglet if you can´t understand it.
If you want fast hollow waves there are dozens of them goin nord(Anglet,Hgr,Capbreton...).Maybe is better for you go to make barrels,reentries or aerial to the beach breaks.Better for you.Better for us.

By anonymous , 12-05-2005

LaFATania - I don't care what the pictures look like. In reality it is a fat slow righthander. The only move you will be doing is a cutback.

By bullet , 30-04-2004

no title - Je vis ds le pays basque depuis 6 mois (fac de droit)et je viens de bretagne (29). Aucun problème pour m'intégrer (peut être parce que je suis breton et que les identités sont un peu semblables).
Pour en revenir à lafit, je ne vois pas où est la difficulté de surfer un tel spot ! Une passe, pas trop de séries qui décallent (reef oblige) et vague un peu molle à mon gout.

Not realy hard to surf, not really strong, but beautiful spot, sometimes too many peoples when the swell is too fat !

By anonymous , 08-01-2004

God's own country - Lafitania. Overcrowded but still magic. The Basque Country is a great place. Worth a detour from Hossegor for a couple of days ... especially if the swell is up. Stay and eat in Bidart at the Fronton or Allisaldia ... in the town square. Unreal food, cheap and a good vibe.

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