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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Les Sables d Or

France, Basque Country

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By herwig , 07-08-2014

Downsize Tourist Infrastructure - To all Basque County locals who are upset from the crowds - there is an easy way to get rid of it. Close 90% of all tourist infrastructure as is: Hotels, Restaurants, Shops, Beachclubs etc. You will see, it will result in empty Beaches. Bad news is, in this region tourists bring a lot of money.
So, below the line, the locals get empty beaches but haven't th money to buy boards...

By Anonymous , 23-09-2007

shreddin - The waves can be very nice....I surfed it twice...this one time I caught in in the summer on an offshore day it was sick!!! barreled heaps....Nice locals Respectez!!!

By Jonny Price , 15-06-2006

- It great check out all those sexy guys. I'm gonna spend all my time there from now on and fulfill all my wildest dreams! This just shows how easy it is to sign some bullshit under someone elses name!!

By anonymous , 23-05-2005

youth hostel - Can anyone send me a link or adress of youth hostel in hossegor? Thanks alot

By jonathan muthana , 04-04-2005

Hostel - check out those sexy layyyddeeeeeeeees at reception in the Anglet youth hostel!-only five minutes from the beach - they rent boards and give you a smile..see these girls cater for your every need in their bikinis at reception.hothothot!i'm headin back next summer anyway!oh yeeeeeeeeeah!

By pat , 22-10-2004

- i surfed anglet in sept 2001, we had two good clean days but it was blown out for the rest of the week so we headed south. Overall the locals were cool the women were hot and the food was good so i'll be coming back.
a la prochaine!

By World Explorer , 08-07-2004

Nervous? - Not all the time. They only get nervous when they run out of wine and when there's not enough sheep to bugger. Fuken frog anarchists should be lined up and shot.

By ndavid , 08-07-2004

why nervous - I've read from other comments the that the locals get "nervous" a lot here, do they have an anxiety disorder or something? Just wondering. I think people who slash other surfers tires and stuff like that are going to have bad things happen to them. Surfing is awesome, but there are other things in life too.

By boaaa , 26-06-2003

relis le msg - il semble que tu n as pas du passer assez de temps avec les australiens car tu ne comprends pas bien l anglais: je faisais référence au msg précédent et je disais que si d autres australiens aussi idiots que ce type et sa crète veulent éviter la france, ça n est pas gé oui, j ai été en australie, et oui ils sont cools, et oui les idiots n'ont pas de nationalité....détends toi, souris, y a pas mort d homme.

By anonymous , 02-06-2003

Tu t'es vu quand t'as bu? - Franchement je suis aussi Francais et Basque mais entendre que les Australiens sont plus arrogants que nous franchement c'est une sacree meilleure de l'annee...p'taing t'es deja alle en Australie...ben je peux te le dire ils sont bcp moins cons que nous, moins les Australiens que j'ai rencontre ici ete the way I say Hi to Scott (1997 in Anglet).

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