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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Les Cavaliers

France, Basque Country

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By Mr.Beetroot , 30-09-2013

Agreeing with previous commentator - Don't believe half the negative bullshit in the comments section on Wannasurf. This beach has two splendid peaks, one rather long ledgy thick left, the other a terrific steep shorter right. The vibes there are fantastic, I've spent about a month in those areas and the locals at Les Cavaliers are delicate and well-mannered.
Go to Peniche or Anchor point if you want to see what real localism can sometimes be.
I wish all locals everywhere would behave like the French. Even in actually crowded places like Lafitenia they do not get seriously rude and don't spoil your day even if you accidentally drop in on someone.

By Anonymous , 28-08-2012

absolute nonsense - The stories people tell in this forum are mostly false. The waves are fantastic even in august (8 ft-barrels today), especially with offshore wind which happens quite often. Because of that Les Cavaliers is a spot where int´l championships are being held. The locals are alright as long as you stick to the rules.You can bring every board you like. I´ve had some of the best sessions in Europe here!

By Anonymous , 26-01-2007

Imax - Hey I am a french surfer and I must admit that you will find great waves here but locals are really dumb and totally suck. Some of them can be dangerous as they don't control anything while many tourists come here to learn how to surf... Plus the beach is very small and crowded... Don't bring your new board here! Take an old shitty one. Not to mention the fact that the local repair shops will keep your board for a week if you scratch it. If you have surfed in the Pacific, Australia, Latin American or elsewhere, you'll be surprised by the level of surfing which is really low for a quality wave like this...

By Anonymous , 14-12-2006

locals are pussy - Good waves there, althought locals are the most stupid ones you could find in France! The "cacahuete" and friends are lazy pussies who shit on themselves when it's big. They just surf there and nowhere else exept twice a year 10 km south a Parlementia when it's smaller than 5 foot... Shame on them, please someone give those no-brain facists a flight or a lift to somewhere else for them to see what the world looks like and learn tolerance

By Anonymous , 20-07-2006

- well, this is is the local spot on la chambre d'amour.. that means you'll see high level in the water and lots of primitive localism sometimes.. the peak is really regular when it's good, that means you'll have to battle for your waves..good luck! off season is nice and uncrowded althought..

By anon , 17-03-2005

- the locals are pretty feisty, they want to kill you if you throw turns in their face. but then again they don't move out ofthe way...

By ramdom , 10-06-2004

class - I surfed it at 3 meter faces 8 people in the line up amazing barrels and fit brids on the beach,what else do you want

By macdogg , 27-03-2004

KONG LAND - Surfed this spot really good. Super crowded and locals are now very aggresive, not like 5 years ago. Expect crowd like salt creek.

By Going some place else. , 25-09-2003

Basque Surf - Crowded Waves. Nuff said. Girls are nice though. : )

By anonymous , 18-09-2003

Love France - It's a shame silly boys say that shit here.France is cool, french surfers are in a high level than spanish(even Basque Country).I live in Basque country and surf Anglet,Hossegor, waves much powerful than basque's ones.And I see in the water really surfing-machines.I would prefer say spanish surfers are
better than french, but it's not true.

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