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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By ben , 01-12-2007

sharks and the mighty bullshizzle - yeah mate, there are plenty of sharks, literally hundreds of them everywhere waiting for your warm blood

By Finnish wannabe. , 25-07-2007

Self esteem - Wow, i'm surprised to find out that even as non-surfable country as Finland, there still are aggressive wankers that feel the need to show off - no matter how there aren't waves to be ridden anyways.

Seriously, who cares if there are "surf wannabes" in Finland - you surf what you got, and enjoy what you can. If that ain't a consistent overhead wave, then you prolly aren't too good at it - the point is having fun no matter what size the waves are.

If you feel too ashamed to surf 2ft autumn waves, don't worry - there'll be some that will surf it, and have fun doing it.

By finlandia vodka is up,aah , 04-06-2007

heh heh - Finns getting better in Indo.

By Rock rock , 04-06-2007

they r cool - Ya they better with skies i think,met many in portugal riding knee high monsters!!!

By Anonymous , 13-08-2006

- finnish surf comp in baleal is most definetely cancelled due too expensive flights...

By zony bony , 28-07-2006

sharks?? - sharks in Finland?what a crazy tale my friends...

By Jimbo , 01-07-2006

finish surf contest in portugal - the finish surfers are improving a lot. Big Thomas rips.
In November will happen a Finish surf contest in Baleal , Portugal.

By , 27-03-2006

- sup dudes. I am going to scandinavia by the beginning of July to the beginning of august. I think if I ever wanna score in some weird place, it should be scandinavia. Never heard of good surf over there, except for the rare wind swell. I wanna know what are the conditions usually in the summertime (around the time I will be there). Does it break frequently? anything rideable?? I would really like to take me board if somebody tells me it's worth it. Please email me if you know your breaks!!!


By anonymous , 24-03-2006

waves in June??? - I'm coming to visit my family and will be in Finland from the 21st till the 1st of June. Will I be able to get a wave in while I'm there?


By , 29-04-2005

Finnish Surfers Welcome - My name is flo, i am soon getting married to my finnish girl riikka and i just wanted to let all the finnish surfers know that, if you want to go surf in Ericeira / Portugal, check out my brother's surfcamp under!! All Finnish people are very welcome and the staff is used to northern drinking habbits!! If there is really some surf in Finnland please let me know, then my stays in your wonderfull country will be even more perfect!! Hyvää vapua ja näkemisiin vedessa! Perkele, satana, vitu! (that was all i can say in finish!)

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