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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By Yakuza , 11-07-2008

Nice waves all around the year!! - They are just not there every day! Te north sea is after Cape Horn one of the windiest places on earth, and as you know: strong wind + long fetch =excellent swell!!! The Problem in Denmark is, there is no long fetch, so you need nice, fast moving low pressure systems or a huge storm in scottland to get good surf. Intelligent people figur it out, when it is worth a trip. The rest should stay at home and surf pipeline at youriding or jerk off to the bra boys...

By south african invention , 26-03-2008

surfing waves in dk is possible? - so then check up and whitness your fitness cause brain fuck it sucks - locals only is mention to respect even yourself and all others who can sparkle the bull-eye of the wave...

By Anonymous , 18-12-2006

Wind - I reckon that the waves are better when there's heaps of wind.
the #1 comment: when u was there it was prob. a good a nice dansish day with no wind, everything perfect..

The waves gets big in denmark whne the wind is on otherwise it will be to hard to find a rideable wave in dk...

By icebear , 04-09-2006

it wasn't SOOOOO cold ;) - july had in the beginning some good days with perfect summer swell and round about the 23.07 it was like a north french surf...soleil en masse et vagues

By mad surfer , 25-07-2006


By Anonymous , 22-06-2006

Voropor last year. - Stayd in Vorupor last year for about two weeks. Flat as a lake the whole time. Been in denmark 2-3 times to surf, but never seen any good waves...maybe i just experience some bad luck. who knows

By +m+ , 13-04-2006

Decent surf in Vorupor May? - Hello! I will be visiting family in Denmark from 11.06 - 11.11.06. We're staying on the fjord in Hvalpsund, and I plan on taking a few day trips to the Vorupor area. As I live in Seattle, WA USA, I don't want to deal with SAS fees, trains, etc. dragging a surf board around if it's not going to be worth it. This being the case, I've been doing research and have an idea of swell directions, tides, etc. that are claimed to be ideal. I'd still like to figure out a few more details and these are my questions:

What time of the year is surf most ideal? Is it flat in May?

Supposedly some of the breaks can handle wind from multiple directions. ? What is the maximum wind speed before it get's blown out?

What is the maximum size swell can the beach hold before the wave starts closing out?

How cold is it in May? - Is a 4/3 tolerable, or go with a 6/5/4 hoodie?

I hope someone can maybe help me out. Oh, and sorry about GW Bush - he's no friend of mine.
Thank you!



By anonymous , 23-09-2005

- Actually, if you live around Klitmøller there are good chances of scoring nice waves. To only get one crappy surf in a year probably tells more about the surfer than the conditions. But it's required that you're extremely mobile and on to the whole scene to score good. The waves can be gone in a few hours.
It's not France or Spain, but you've definitely have the option of getting good surf occasionally.

By , 13-07-2005

Cut the.... - ....crap and focus on the waves, pleaaaaaaaase! Are there any or not? To those of you not wanting to share -you are not real surfers! Real surfers don't mind other real surfers in the water ;-) To those of you with a bit of surf-team spirit: I left my "surf-mobile" in Australia, have non in Denmark and don't feel like biking around the whole country with my board but I sure still feel like surfing -are there ANY places to go to in July-August?????

By anonymous , 05-07-2005

good luck in DK - Hey if you're going to live in dk your surfing life as you know it will be over ! I have seen only 2 good shots ever (both in last 12 months ), 1 being this Vorupor looking a bit like d-bah and another great small a-frame .Anyway I can tell you that the surf is usually either non-existant or plain froth balls . But good luck !!- out of 1 whole year my brother had 1 crappy surf , I didn't ... But we swam in May the first day that the ice melted from beach . Get used to ice cream headaches or get the Kelly Slater video game for a couple years ..... But cheap travel to Southern Europe for surf . Norway looks mighty interesting , love to check the Faroes so for novelty factor it's up there .
Take kite surfing ....plenty of wind there

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