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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 07-08-2012

Great Surfing lesson From Airtime! - I have been living in Cyprus for two years and i finally stumbled across the Airtime website and gave Steve Morris a call to discuss whether i could take up surfing in Cyprus. He was very helpful and i popped into his brilliant shop the very next day. He then took the time to explain the basics and we agreed to meet for a lesson last weekend near Akrotiri. Although the waves were small, Steve did all he could to make the lesson informative and enjoyable and i loved it! Good price and very helpful. I am now going to get a board and start my journey! Can't wait! Thanks again to Steve, he is the man you need to get you started.


By babbsmonteiro87 , 09-03-2012

surfing - ooo im sooo glad that i found this website... i am going to pafos at the end of this month... and wondered if they did surfing... i started surfing in fuerteventura... and wanted to carrt it on... im excited to go and see steve i also have his number becuase i need to get a soft board for my self im sooo excited... i cant stand on the board yettt but i will be soonn.... are you stil out there annoynoumous who posted a wall post on 2nd feb x

By Anonymous , 02-02-2012

Cyprus Surf - So I moved to Cyprus in March2011 for work thinking that my surfing days are over in this land of flat seas and baking wrong was I?
Thanks to this site and the comments below I looked up Steve at Airtime in Limassol last week. Steve is a top guy with the true spirit of surfing deep in his bones. I'm a real part time paddler due to work (and age) but Steve took the time to discuss and think about what would be right for me and never once tried a hard sell and he never got impatient with me for all my dithering trying to choose a board! He gave me the full lowdown on all the places with full directions and then still offered to meet me. If you come to Cyprus for surfing (or other stuff like skateboarding, mountain biking or roller blading) you have to look up Steve - he'll help you out!

By Chris Masters , 18-01-2012

Surf In Cyprus - I just came back to Cyprus for another visit and stopped by the Airtime Shop to catch up with my friend Steve. He was telling me a little about what's going on here with surf and nothing that's great... I never bring a board as I left one in Steve's shop and pull it off his racks when I surf it... Anyway, I went out and sure enough things have changed here... It's not the numbers in the water that's the trouble, but the numbers of "Kooks", the Aloha Spirit is lacking, too much attitude from non locals who chose to move here and call this place home... Anyway, there's still unknown spots where you can surf... Give Steve a call he'll help you out for sure, he's been surfing here for over 30 years... 25932673.

By Surf4Life2020 , 18-11-2010

Got Surf... - Arrived in CY a week ago with board under arm. A friend said I was clearly misinformed about surf here. Im going to prove him wrong! Left SO CAL behind with 3m+ surf, but 30 to 40 guys in each spot. So south west coast is where its at I guess. Anyone going oout this weekend or pehaps a suggestion...

Stay Covered!

By Anonymous , 16-08-2010

Surf Guide To Cyprus. - Check with the guy at Airtime who can help you out on where to surf. He's been surfing in Cyprus for years and has the place wired.

By Anonymous , 18-07-2010

I found it... - ..The Airtime shop, it's on Saripolou Street #5, in the Limassol Old Town. Phone number, 357-25-932673, just bought a 6'0" Fish for 390.00Euros and my sister is getting some surf lessons. Surf shop in Cyprus seems out of place but after speaking with the guy there it makes sence.

By Anonymous , 03-05-2010

Airtime Shop - After landing in Cyprus and reading the comments about surf here I got in my car to find Airtime only to find they have moved. The shop is no longer located in Kolossi Village but in the Old Town of Limassol. It was well worth the effort as I hooked up on a rental and got two days of surf.... Nothing special I might add, but I can now add another pin in my wall map of the places I have surfed around the world...

By Wunderbrah , 11-08-2009

surfboards and ding repair... - I agree with the other guy, Airtime in kolossi is probably the only place you can rent a board. I know that he's got some for sale too. Check out
Oh yeah he fixed up a minimal I had like new after I chopped a chunk out of it with the ceiling fan in my appartment...

By Anonymous , 11-08-2009

Surfboard Rentals - Just passed through Cyprus and was very happy to find a surf shop, Airtime Ltd, in Kolossi Village. I rented a board for 3 days and played around in some mushy 2 foot beach break. Price was cheap, 60.00 Euros for the 3 days. The guy at the shop din't draw me a map but gave me some clues on where to look and after about 1 hr found what I was looking for.

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