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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By anonymous , 21-03-2004

Peter from swe! - Hi I'm a somewhat experienced surfer (prefer beachbreak) thinking of going to the canarys in may!Which island would is the best!Thanks Peter

By a local , 06-03-2004

help is at hand - hey, i live in tenerife, if your planing a summer visit i must warn u there isnt usualy much surf ! but i would say the surf would be better in Gran Canaria. if you do end up ther head up to the north coast to a place called ''san andres'' me and a mate went ther las year , big waves (8-12 foot) and friendly locals !

By Dickie , 18-02-2004

Which Island? - Hey Everyone, i'm a fairly experienced 'grom' but i'm no expert. Planning a trip to Canaries with parents soon in summer but dont know which Island would be best, i like clean waves and aren't to bothered about size but no baby waves! Could anyone help, please? thanks a lot dudes and i wish you all good surf.

By , 08-01-2004

december north shore fuerte - yo,
last 2 weeks good surf. 5-8 ft waves
nice weather but often to windy
!!! rent a car drive 2 north shore fast and
make fun
ps. have somme picteres for who'ss intrested

By , 24-09-2003

canaries - budget accomodation ? (Urgent) - Hi - I am looking for any kind of information regarding budget accomodation in the canaries. I am thinking of tenerife or lanzarote on mid october (for something like 10 days).
Looking for place which is appropriate for a surfing vacation - cheap and close to the surf. Will be great to get this info. Cheers.

By anonymous , 26-08-2003

bodysurfing - I'm looking for some nice bodysurfing spots in the canary islands, any suggestions ? Thanks. B

By randy , 03-08-2003

flat during summer - The Canaries are flat this time of year unless a hurricane passed through the N. Atlantic. Water is warm though and diving good. Spearfishing is illegal in most parts except for locals.

By anonymous , 03-07-2003

no title - hi, i surf my waves in norway, but i wanna go to lanzarote or tenerife in july/august, is it very flat???

By , 25-06-2003

morocco - Hie I'm kobi, going to surf in lanzarote in september.
Is it possible to go from the canary to morocco by boat for a day of surf there?

By anonymous , 26-03-2003

Hire Car or 4x4 - Would a hire car give good enough access to all the surf breaks in Fuerte ventura or should we hire a 4x4? Anyone know of any good hire car companies or ones to avoid?

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