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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Punta blanca

Canary, Tenerife

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By Mocca , 02-03-2006

- yes it is, and as I took the pic at El Queamo, I can tell you it is not Punta Blanca

By Dario , 10-11-2004

Same pic? - isn´t the first pic the same that is posted in "el quemao"??

By , 20-07-2004

If you lok for a place to stay in Tenerife...... - Hi. I am a surfer from here. If you want to spend some days in Tenerife and do not know were to stay I rent a flat in the North of this Island, located in a nice place, near “El Socorro” surf Beach. It has only 1 room and it is for 1 or 2 persons max. If you want more information contact me
If you need information about the waves from Tenerife, how to go to the spots or something like this, contact me and I will answer for sure.
Ich sprehe Deutsch auch.

By anonymous , 11-01-2004

middle peak - after living in tenerife and surfing punta blanca time a big north swell hits go and surf the peak in the middle of the bay sometimes called temptations about 300 mtrs across from punta blanca.the wave is killer and no one ever seems up for it so you will get loads of waves.leave the point to the aggro lid riders and enjoy.the right hander in the corner is also a belter,needs a good swell and low tide for some great barrels.....

By anonymous , 10-12-2003

fuck you ronnen you batty boy - how very childish of ronnen to write that darril fucks sheep everybody knows its not true there are no sheep here but there are gay poeple like ronnen .

By anonymous , 08-12-2003

fuck you darril - the spot called also "punta G" because ,its darrils favorit place to shag with canarian sheeps and all kind of watch out from darril.

By anonymous , 03-12-2003

hello - if you surf this wave watch out for a guy called ronen he's gay and watches you when you change into your wetsuit and also trys touching your bottom

By anonymous , 27-08-2003

Very powerful!!!!! - Its one of the best spot in Tenerife for tube riding.
in the peak there is a rock reaching to the water surface (depend on the tides)
usualy its break in this point.
When the conditions are good(best in winter, with a north swell)it creates
a massive tube usuly short section(+-50m) many time the waves break like a bowl.
the right side close often but some time it works too, with fast sections.
the spot works also with smaller waves then 1m,and holds up to 4m+.....
but when the size is big its realy not recomended for beginners,
its very hollow and powerful wave!!!!!
It will give a great chalenge for an advenced surfer special for a good
tubes master.Great place for bodyboards.
The spot become crowded many times special when the conditions are good, mostly
by locals that often show bad atitute for "unwanted guests".
and think that its their privet if you go to surf their don't be surprise
to hear shouts like "fuera del agua"(get out of the watter in Spanish).

By anonymous , 07-08-2003

Not a mush burger more like a monster sandwich - I surfed this place in 95 and had been surfing for a long time before my trip, I can remember sitting on the plane daydreaming of all the perfedt waves I was gonna get. when I finally found K16 I nearly shit myself it was 6 foot plus no wind and was throwing further than the wave was high and every wave was spitting, I sat on the rocks for a couple of hours watching a completely empty wave.

anyways finally went in when 2 other english guys turned up and was lucky not to die.

There are no waves like this in england so be prepared to take a right beating if you surf this place when its on.

Got right shit off the locals for a while and I was on my own so if you turn up as a group forget it give respect and go on your own.

There are other waves in the near vicinity that I ended up surfing instead but where still way heavy compared to blighty.

stay at domingos pension as its the coolest and if he,s still about peace to leo

By anonymous , 26-07-2003

mush burger??? - looks like a mushy piece of shit from the photos. i hope it gets better than that...

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