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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Puerto de la cruz - martianez

Canary, Tenerife

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By Peter , 22-09-2006

go for the left spot - While I was there, the left spot that anonymous mentions looked pretty decent. Sadly I didn't have a chance to surf it. There were only 2 body boarders (weekday) so plenty of room, but I can imagine that it gets crowded with locals in the weekends. I saw a lot of body boarders headed that way in Santa Cruz on Saturday.

By anonymous , 06-04-2006

crowded but decent - there are 2 (maybe even 3) surfable spots at this beach. the most obvious one is the sheltered bay on the left side. if the swell gets really big outside the stonewall and the tide comes in, you might catch some beautiful long waves starting at the rocks that seperate the sheltered from the semi-sheltered part, while watching the huge winter swell running in on the outside. the only problem is that the spot is incredibly crowded on weekends (tons of body- and longboarders), and that it only gets waves if the swell is really big. it doesn't work very good on low tide because the artificial reef outside blocks all waves. the second spot is on the right side of the bay and while not directly facing the swell is still not as sheltered as the first spot. when i was there, it had decent but short waves. i would only recommand it to experienced surfers, because you have to get out of the wave very quick, otherwise you hit the stoney beach. the last spot is right at the corner of the stone wall, right before the artificial stone reef. its a short and usually huge ride. i didn't try it coz i was scared of the stones, but i saw some bodyboarders riding some short ~9ft waves there.

By nope , 02-07-2005

good for beginning - hi
i was living one year in puerto and playa martianez is is very cool for beginners because many days the waves are small...even bit better for bodysurfing ...sometimes a nice current but 4 beginners as well 4 others...
que tal carlos!!yo espero que todo esta bien y aun estas surfeando por ahi!!!saludos

By , 28-06-2004

martienz - this other me and my crew were arriving puerto aged 16
didnt know the shit where surf is,the day after were driving to playa soccoro...
had heavy currents and messy 6-8foot waves
drived back to puerto and this guy showed us the way to matiens it was perfect clean 4-6 foot barrels

By cachy , 20-06-2004

martianez beach - This beach is perfec to the surfer inexperien or not.In martianez have two beach "la derecha" and "la baja ".The beach are of sand ,but is very dificulto get into the wather because it have rocks.
La derecha it is a righ wave, it have wave of 1 to 3 metres,it don^t have pipe ,it is very long and is very cool to long board.
La baja is for surfer more expert because it is more agresive y have pipe some times and y more short, it have waves of more than 3 but is very irregular.

La baja it is more agresive it have wave of 4

By , 21-04-2004

surf near the 7 world better rock climbing spot - im a canarian guy, ive been surfing this spot for more than 10 years i can say its the best play for turist to have a little bath whitout much risk

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