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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Playa socorro

Canary, Tenerife

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By Laurentfun , 31-10-2011

Can not go in the water ! - The best waves practitioners I have seen in my week of vacation.
Red flag: no swimming (normal).
Problem: prohibition of security to go to the water even to the boogie!
With the same condition, I could go in France.
In general, permissions are too strict on this island.

By herwig , 02-04-2010

Beach closed to public - The Playa del Socorro is closed to public due to risk of landslide. At the moment there is a possibility to climb around the fence and surf there.

By Anonymous , 05-03-2009

bajamir - nice suggestion. i had best times at bajamir and with the car we drove to mostly every winterspot at tenerife! i like this the most! so thanx!

By anonymous , 06-04-2006

strong currents - if the swell gets big the sets usually close out in the center of the beach and produce a really strong eastward current towards the rocky parts of the beach. if you're only an ocassional surfer and not in the shape of your life wait for small waves. it seemed to me that with medium sized and big waves it's a experienced/pro surfers spot (mainly because of the strong currents and the strong waves).

By , 14-03-2006

buenas olas - i´m portuguese and i have been to tenerife in carnival....its excellente everything, first thanks to the lifeguard of playa del socorro he told about other waves....and many....hay hablado tanbien con los locales e son muy amistosos e companheros...hay tambiem una italiana muy guapa q hay conhecido por ha ya el es de punta brava.She´s looking for surfing lessons with the lifeguar of playa socorro.
las chicas tanbien son muy calientes....for me everything was excellent...we caught a storm but even that for me was good...big waves...xx see u next 2years.hasta la vista babe.

By nope , 02-07-2005

socorro or run away - coooooool spot ,atleast around puerto /orotava and so on the best spot i saw...maybe playa los patos is as good as well but patos is closing out a little bit sometimes...socorro is definetly one of my favorites when i lived in tenerife puerto del la cruz...better you know a little bit of surf and be prepared to some strong currents winter it can get very agressive with some big swells from north north/west...hardly crowded most of the time and that sucks because only if the locals remember your face for weeks they are nice...there also some few locals wich are very cool,but few....take a look at bajamar (in the northeast of tenerife above la laguna....cheers

By anonymous , 05-06-2005

easy wave? - How is it in november on this spot? is it easy or is it just for pro surfers? I'm from norway and surf in norway.. i'm not a pro, but i'm not a noob. i'm just half good if you see.. (hope you will understan my bad english:P)

By anonymous , 10-01-2005

D - wsup?
im from gemany and i want to add that the skinheaded locals at suckorro are too unfriendly cause they tried to hit a german guy in the water!
boys chill!
this is way too dangerous!
if its your spot, its a natural reaction to not listen, cause no one can tell anybody what to do in the ocean.
waves and reef are dangerous enough!
ps it never felt like reef, the bottom in soccoro is straight sand, perhaps a little rocky..
but the waves are there everyday!
theyre not the best and have only very short rides!
go talk to alcydes royd, the shaper around the corner!
he and his mates rule, they are role model surfers!
always nice and at a good temper..
greetz to the brazilian girl and her boyfriend that both work in the shapestation of specialroyd!
especially to alcydes and the long haired friend of him!
spanish girls rule!
topless sun bath babes all over the place, but touch em and skinhead surfer will shake you up like kala!
but a enourmes potential in this spot!
so have fun and watch endless summer to stop localism!
help india and all other tsunami-hit nationes!
but never forget aids and the fact of 1000 people dying from the suffer EVERY day without killerwaves! donate money!
love to everybody who wants it
shout outs to dan, dave and lis from berlin!

By Jack , 03-01-2005

localism in tenerife - I hear that locals generally in Canaries island are not very good... When I went surfing in Playa de Las americas, for exactly in spanish left, two locals told me tu surf in the other nearst spot, cause that was their spot... I think that the sea is free, noone is the owner of the sea... I respect a local, but he's not the owner of a spot!
I hear that in others spot localism is similar, but not in this spot, in playa del socorro I find very gentle and good locals, wich help me to get to the lineup (hard in big days) and talk to me about me, my nation, and something else...
Bye - peace

By , 08-03-2004

3 stars?? - Hello. I am a surfer from Tenerife, and I must say it is not a 3 stars wave. We have waves better than this but when the see is small (can I say it?) we have waves only there. If you are planning to travel to surf to Tenerife, best waves are : Bajamar, Punta Hidalgo, Las Americas, Punta Blanca (Alcala)and my favorite, Igueste San Andres. In Summer we don't have any wave so it is better to not to come to surf, just in Winter. If you need some information, just write me
All locals from Tenerife are not bad people
Good waves from everyone !!

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