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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By ALEXTHEPAINS , 17-02-2003

Surf Hire - I've just come back from Australia and I Fancy to go to Tenerife to surf.
Are there many surf shops where i can hire a surf board there?

By , 03-02-2003

Looking to hire board in Las Americas/Los Cristianos - Coming to Tenerife beginning of April from Jersey Channel Islands, can you recommend where I can hire a board, save mine getting damaged.

By a Surfing Finn , 30-12-2002

Spanish Left - Hi,

I read a lot about the famous Spanish Left, but I have no idea where it is located. Can someone advise me where that
spot is? I know that is close to Americanos, but how close...

By , 28-12-2002

surf trip nz style - I've managed to score a couple of cheap flight tickets to Tenerife. I'm a new zealander currently living in Denmark and really keen to score some waves and sunshine for 3 weeks later this month (jan 03). Haven't surfed for almost a year now and really hanging out. Does anyone have any advice on cheap places to stay and how to get around. I'm travelling with my danish girlfriend and we'd consider anything from a room to rent, campervan, cheap hotel, etc.
Please help the stranded kiwi!

By , 28-11-2002

Info on the spots around Las Americas - Hi folks!
Going to Tenerife with my girlfriend in January, and I'm thinking about bringing my boards. I'm not very experienced (surfed every day for about 3 months in Australia), so a spot whithout too much sharp rocks and reefs would be great! I haven't booked the trip yet, so if anyone knows about a place that is far better than the Americas region, please tell me!! Thanks....

By , 24-11-2002

information for a one & half legged longboarder - Welcome! Earley this year i surfferd a bad leg injury but determined to surf again hell or high water so taking smone well deserved time out in december to keep those cold pains at bay,being that speak spanish have respect for there culture and a good excuse to share there wave.
so if any body has any spare body parts or inforation on a quite place with a slow wave in the horth of the island it would be greatly respected to drop us a bone.

By none , 24-11-2002

One - shit

By , 20-11-2002

Looking to hire board in Las Americas - Heading to the Island in March 2003, wondering if there is anywhere I can hire a board rather than bring mine over. Any info would be great!

By , 09-11-2002

a bloody amature! - Hi, a friend and i are moving to South Tenerife for 3 months in December( 2 girls), Ive only ever had one lesson and was wondering if any one knows where i could get some lessons in Tenerife? I would really like to get better at surfing!?

By Chris , 30-10-2002

Looking for a surf teacher and nice people ... - Hello,

I just moved to Tenerife (North) from New York and since I am so close to the waves I'd like to start surfing. I am a Skateboarder and ex-Snowboard Pro so I bring a bit of feeling, although I've tried surfing and it's pretty hard, he he ;-)
Sorry for not speaking Spanish (yet). We have just arrived! So where to start? Where to go? Is there a school? Which beach is best (and not to dangerous)? I am looking to meet nice people as well. Please help!!!

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