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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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By , 04-06-2003

Trip to Tenerife - Me and my wife are going to Tenerife last days of June, we're going to stay for 5 days. Do you have any good tips on low rate hotels, places to eat, surfing spots. Also I would like to rent a surf board if the surf is up those days, where can I rent a good surf board.

By , 26-05-2003

Places to rent boards and surf around playa de las americas - Hi. I dont own my own board so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could rent a board from in the las americas region? I am going there in June/July this year so I want to get in some hardcore surfing. Also I'd like to know if there are any spots where i'm not likely to get rocks thrown at me or beaten up by any crazy ass locals (All I wanna do is surf guys). Any info would be REALLY appreciated as I can't find shit on the rest of the net. THANKYOU. Peace and good surfing to all.

By kernow , 22-05-2003

tenerife??? - i went to tenerife last week surf was ok not great, got shit loads of hassle from the locals at playa blanca and at spanish left what wankers. Then to take the piss a bit more my stuff got stolen. People say that crime isn't bad bull shit!!! I would like to say thankyou to our tenerifian friends for there contrabution to world surfing?

By anonymous , 07-05-2003

DONTWANNASURFNORWAYWANNASURFTENERIFE - how is the july surf in tenerife?
the info here says flat, have anyone tried it in july, if so how was it?

By M@rcel , 06-05-2003

Las Americas - just been there 4 2 weeks
surfed all breaks around Las Americas on my 9 footer
great surf(1m-3m), locals no problem, great people

By anonymous , 04-05-2003

wannasurf tenerife - how are the waves of tenerife in july?
is it completely flat?
teh info here says so, but i really wanna have a go and wonder if it is worth it?

By from michaela at , 21-04-2003

localism - although ive been to tenerife more times than i can count i have never surfed there. my family have recently bought two apartments in playa de las americas which could make surfing there really cheap for me. howvwer, im not experienced and alot of the talk about localism is putting me off as my spanish is very limited. i would be grateful for any advice at all from what gear to take, or even where i can buy new gear there, to any experience with the locals and where to avoid. i know the main spots for surfing because i have been there so often and have some canarian friends. thanx

By , 17-04-2003

Surfing sooths the soul - I am from australia but have lived in tenerife for 6 years
The surf here is quality and there is good waves to be had all over the island.Las Americas offers some great waves but has alot of crowds and localism,and if you do not speak the lingo you could have a few problems.I live in Alcala and surf punta blanca nearly every day,absolute joy and the middle and las chalets breaks offer great waves without alot of hassel.The point or K16 is of world quality
but is very heavily local.Anyone who wants to go for a wave one day e mail me because I am sick of surfing by my self

By Tobs , 11-03-2003

Was there in january 2003 - I was for the first time in tenerife. Luckely I brought my bodyboard, cause the waves were great. Especially in front of a club in Playa Americanas (sorry can't remember the name, but when you walk the boulevard, you see what I mean).
Really great waves and almost everyday. Now I must say that the week I was there, we had 3 days of rain (8 days). So the weather conditions may have contributed.

By , 05-03-2003

For Chris the guy of NEW YORK!!! - Contact me, we can meet and I'll show you the island and the waves. See ya!!!

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