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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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By , 21-10-2003

Surf Shops?? - Can anyone send me info on where to buy a board in Tenerife and how much it will cost, roughly? I appreciate any responses.

By , 11-10-2003

virgen surfer - Well, yes, i wonna try surf 4 the firs time, i know it is stupid to ask such things, but i am from Russia where i can only snowboard and skate, we have som seas but no waves for sure. In december i ll go to Tenerife So if u could help me with the advise where to start where to rent a board, how much it may cost? and so on. Thanx, pals! (i speak Spanish as well)

By ican'tsurfinabikini , 22-09-2003

Benijio - Surfed up north three summers ago- beautiful peaky beachbreak near a village called ?Benijio?- over the mountains from Santa Cruz. Oily beach, locals OK, great local restaurant up the road.

By bjconceptboarddesign , 17-09-2003

underated - tenerife is one of the most, if not the most underated of the canary islands.if you time your trip well you can be treated with countless awsome reefs in the north&west with not too many locals.usually ruined by british people thinking they own the place but the locals, if given respect, are as friendly as you can expect them to be.if you go over there expecting empty waves right where you are staying you will be disapointed. unfortunately one of the best waves on the island is right in the heart of playa de las americas so expect nothing but chaos when its on.if your a sponger you can catch the super heavy rights at spannish left which tend to close out but are 10x anything in england when its 6ft plus.wherever you go in the north&west your gonna find evil reefs, lots of locals and brits with alot of attitude and not much talent but massive barrels, warm crystal water and spots that feel like your in the middle of a desert all more than make up for it.if you are british, dont make an ass of yourself and maybe they might treat you better the next time you go!

By , 13-09-2003

come to tenerife and surf with me im bored by myself - ummmmm some 1 want any tip on the surf in las americas i go there every day and im bored by my self .
p.s im 13 by the way

By , 25-08-2003

Looking for medium high waves close to shore - Greetings,

could someone help me finding a good beach with medium high waves (beginner) close to shore. If you have hotel recommondation it would help even more.

Thanks in advance


By , 19-08-2003

Camping Tenerife - Does anyine know a campsite near the shore (preferebly surfable of course!) apart from camping Nauta in Arona? I heard there was a camping somewhere north of Santa Cruz. How is the surf there now? Any tips on cheap places to stay would be appreciated. Thanx!

By anonymous , 03-08-2003

Canary's SUCK - This island blows. The south end looks like Coney Island and Las Vegas rolled into one then multiplied to the nth degree, it's full of sunburned Krauts and sweating, pasty Brits. Plus our shit got stolen. FUCK THIS PLACE.

By , 09-07-2003

any 1 want any tips - hi every 1 the waves are good at the moment u wana get out here now the waves are about 15 ft want any tips come to me

By , 05-07-2003

i go there every day and its good i think - hi im 13 got a manta bored i go surfing every day in las americas. some palces are dangeruos be wear the spnish are ok. the waves are good. i go in front of nutcua it good there. in the summer the waves are ok but they are better in the winter u a wave get back and we will go

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