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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By , 24-10-2005

TENERIFE BOARD RENTAL... - the only shop i found that rents surfboards is "K16 Surf Shop" located in the south of the island. their address is "Gran Bretana 1-2, Adeje (Playa de las Americas)" and their phone number is "922-789-177".

there a few shops in the north part of the island that have new and used surfboards for sale. one in particular is "Fitenia Surf Shop". their address is "Calle Angel Guimera 13, Santa Cruz de Tenerife". their phone number is "922-241-748".

200 euros will get you a decent used board, which is about the same cost as flying with your own board or renting one for 2 weeks.

By anonymous , 08-09-2005

Help me? - Hi U! I´m starting to work in Tenerife or Gran Canaria from october to february. So now i would like to know which one would be better? Which one has better waves and shorter distances between the spots? And anyone who has visited Gran Canaria or Tenerife tell me all about your experienses. Than u all ready! :)

By katarré , 12-07-2005

Waves in july? - hello people would like to ask in July there are waves in the south part of tenerife and in what beaches work better.

By , 08-05-2005

anywork on tenerife - hey anyone im from australia ive been in london for six weeks and want out bad. i really want to go to tenerife asap but dont have enough money to stay for ages and not work my area is horticulture and landscaping but will do whatever...cheers anyone

By , 28-04-2005

Waves in May - Hi i'm a south african travelling in Europe,I've been to Tenerife once before in October 2001 and scored some sick waves @ "spanish lefts" ,not too big but none the less clean and fun.What's the score there around May?Hoping to come over there arond the 15th.If you can help give us a an email.Cheers

By frankie baby , 26-03-2005

surfer girl not sure - hi people i duno if the locals are alright,don't wana cramp their style if u no what i meen.i'm goin 2 los americarnos soon,dont no if i should take my board or not,duno if i can hire one.not dun alot(taken sum batterins)but determind 2 surf more blue waves.use to surfin in wales'aberdovy' any 1 no it,it's my lil spot,quite gud.any1 got sum advice i'd like it pls.frankie,

By surfsupfranksta@hotmail , 26-03-2005

board rental - hi people,dose any one no if there is anywhere on the north shore/coast wher i could rent a board cos i is not 2 shur if i should take mine or not

By SURF PERU , 10-01-2005

SURF cerca de Guajara o Santa Cruz - Hola, soy de Peru y voy a ir un ciclo a estudiar en la universidad de La Laguna, esta tiene una facultad en un lugar llamado Guajara, hay spots cerca?? alguien conoce por ahi? si alguien sabe algo avisenme, o

Gracias y buenas olas

By oshentahitisurf , 21-11-2004

hi everybody - hi everybody!!
I'm a tahitian student and in order to learn spanish I'd like to go to canaries. I've found a good language center at santa cruz, and i'd like to know if surf close to the capital is great, and more generaly if the north/north east coast is good for surf in febuary/march/april; and finally if moving from the city is easy (by bus or other ways)
thank you all for any information, I understand perfectly english and french, but i also talk spanish a little bit so any kind of help would be welcome
and if you want any advise about surfing in tahiti don't hesitate, i lived there all my life and perfectly know tahiti and other islands

By , 01-11-2004

rental - I am staying in PUERTO DE LA CRUZ, any one know where to rent a boerd near by!

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