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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By Dom , 29-08-2006

La Enramada - Threatened wave! - La Enramada (just North of Las Americas) is under threat of destruction due to construction of yet another artificial beach for tourists on this already overdeveloped coastline. We need to stop this from happening, as it will not only destroy an amazing place to surf, but also set a dangerous example for other spots in this area which are under threat from development!

Please take action to protect this spot! Check out for more info.

By , 29-08-2006

work and surf - probably heared this question loads of times before.. but is it hard to fing work near a surfable spot and stay there for the winter??? i' been working in tourism for three years now, speak my languages and now i just want to work and improve my surf skills. who can give me good spots and big chance in finding work+.

By , 23-08-2006

where to surf in teneriffa - hi
we go to th eo'neill trofeo and we will stay another 2 week in teneriffa.can anybody give us some tips where to surf in teneriffa and where to rent a finca ?
thanks a lot in advance
4Riders Magazin

By , 06-08-2006

I d like to go to a place where theres good surf restaurants and hotels
But i also need good waves next week and until the end of the month
Where should i go ?
Please Help me i an give information about Portugal best Spots south of Lisbon i Know them all

By , 25-02-2006

Tenerife Advice - Hi, I'm from Ventura, Ca and am traveling to tenerife/gran canaria for the first time in mid-march. I am staying in Santa Cruz, and going to las palmas for a few days; anyone have any advice on what breaks to surf/not surf? also, I'm traveling light, so where can I buy a cheap shortboard on tenerife?

By yontsurfer , 01-02-2006

planning on surfing in tennerif! - can somone plz help me?? me and my family are interested in a vacation in tennerif.. and i wanna surf.. so can anyone tell me where are there good hotels ?? and also nice places to surf?? im looking for kinda small waves.. no more than 1.5 meter (4 feet)... and nice good waves.. so plz help me and its better be a cool place with placs to take surf lessons, or surf shops n stuff.. ty

By anonymous , 25-12-2005

Are you all fucking lazy??? - What the fuck, 30 spots for Tenerife!!! I can assure we have 30 waves here and that's all. Everybody is throwing pics and comments of every single wave in this island, but I can tell ya the quality and the frequency of the waves makes the list drop only to 10. So if you are planning to visit the Canaries, don't bother with Tenerife, the visiting order is Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria and Tenerife plus we are overcrowded here and the locals are badass mf. Why do you think there are so many reports and pics, cause there are 100000 people to write about it. Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are sick, uncrowded and Hawaian style all the time, and nobody can refuse this statement.

By anonymous , 15-12-2005

If need some information about Tenerife... - Hello. I am a local from here, Tenerife. If you need some information about the waves, best time to come here, a place to stay ....... just write me.
Good waves !

By evil grom , 29-11-2005

waves - how rocky is it at puerto de la cruz.. and im goin in feb is there still small swells cos i dont want some 8 ft crazy reef break

By surfer girls , 30-10-2005

another surfshop - there's another surfshop in playa de las americas called natural surfing. it's located in the calle managua (close to the k16 shop, where the beachwalk ends onto the little plaza). seems to be similar, basically the same prices, but might be worth checking out. closed saturday afternoons and sundays though.

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