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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By , 30-09-2002

Surfing schools - Hi,

I just wanna know whether there is any cool surfing schools out there ( las americas ). It would be really great if you guys have any contact info ( www. site ) for the schools.

Thanks for the help and keep on riding.

By boardbabe , 10-08-2002

about waves now - Hi everybody! There are realy great waves at Playa de Las Americas now!!!

By surfer , 25-02-2002

waves in tenerife - Hi surfers,
I want to know if there's any waves now in Tenerife because i want to go there next week.
can anybody give me some details...?

By , 24-02-2002

A week in June - Can any one give me some advice on where I can hire a board for a week, I will be staying near Golf De Sur in June, I would take my own but I don't want to damage it and my wife thinks I will not be surfing for a week! No chance of that as unfortunatley my mother in-law will be with us, so any advice on breaks and shops would be most appreciated, and any place I could dump the mother in-law.

By Paul. , 20-02-2002

sneaky bodyboarding - Just suddenly found out that I can stay with my girlfriend in Tenerife in mid march so I'm going to find room for my board on the plane. I am going to try and get out as much as poss in between romance. So wheres good, (not sure where I am staying yet)?

By a portuguese triper , 10-02-2002

the island - the island is pretty cool. excelent wheather, good waves, excelet "joint`s", good people, the style of life is cheaper, and the NIGHT....... absolutelly unbeliveble!
you can have some days and night very cool.

By Darren , 31-07-2001

To Chris... - Hi Chris,
As you may be aware, the breaks between Los Christianos and Las Americas all break over volcanic rocks and are pretty steep and powerful. Bodyboards are the most popular wave vehicle, followed by shortboards. I would advise you to avoid Spanish Left at all costs on a longboard, as I don't really think you'll have a good time!! (You may even break your board!) If you walk from Christianos - after the last of its tourist beaches is the first break on this stretch of coast (La Fetinia). This is right next to the last of the Los Christianos beaches (behind the rock wall on the right side of the beach), so I would advise dumping your girlfriend here and accidently disappearing for 2 or 3 hours. You can walk along the coastal path and check all the breaks in about 15 minutes - they don't all work in the same conditions, so it depends a bit on luck in the summer months.
I'm not anti longboard - I think they're cool, but with fast, steep waves, and a large crowd in the water, you may find the conditions a bit problamatic. Don't be intimidated by the Spanish Surfers - join them in the line up and just act friendly and they're O.K. - I've heard many bad reports, but I've never had any problems - I'll watch out for you and your longboard - I have never seen anyone surf here with one yet!! - adios

By Chris , 30-07-2001

Surf spots in tenerife - I am shortly visiting Los Christianos for a surf trip (although my girlfriend believes it is a romantic week for two!) Can anyone give me some advice on the best spots, etc for an intermediate longboarder. Anything constructive would be much appreciated. Cheers.

By , 17-07-2001

The locals - I've surfed quite a lot in the Playa de Las Americas/Christianos area and on the whole found the locals to be quite friendly - especially if they see you out the back on more than a couple of occasions. After a while a couple of Spanish girls paddled over and started to have a chat - after this it was pretty cool place - just don't drop in on any of the locals, as a few of the older, heavier guys can get a bit heavy if you can't speak any Spanish.... The only break where you may run in to problems is Spanish Left on a good day. As there is only one peak and it gets pretty crowded, the locals who know the wave (and the bottom) obviously dominate and will drop in on anyone who is obvioulsy not Spanish - try talking in Spanish! - even if it is only a few words - and contrary to belief, they even become quite friendly - and may even give you a wave!!! Unless you a desperate to surf this wave I would suggets going further towards Christianos and surf one of the other breaks as the crowd is a lot more friendly. Some Canarian guys told me that Spanish Left is considered a "locals Only" spot, and its only a few stroppy bastards who give foriegners the aggravation...

By Dom , 07-05-2001

Spanish Left - Nice wave if you can put up with a lot of crowds and having locals yell at and throw rocks at you. If you go there, just chill and stay low profile when out in the water. Show some respect for the people who call this break their home. Peace!

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