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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By ahik , 27-06-2012

Perfect board for sale - I have a nice board for sale..... the picture will do all the talking for me.....!!! This board has hardly been used!! The board also comes with a balin leash an a board bag new
I am selling it for 300 Euros ono ......!!!

please PM me if you are interested or have any questions.. i`m in hotel Tenerife playa. leave a messeg for ahiad nahir or send me a mail : h10 Tenerife playa, puerto de la cruz: (34)922 38 32 11 thanks in advance

By Anonymous , 07-10-2010

k16 surf school - i have been taking 5 lessons course at k16 in the end of september.Its hard to find them at first time, the map at their website is wrong. We were almost all the time alone, except weekends where more 4-5 people come to learn.
The theory took about 5-10 minutes on first lesson, the rest lesson is in water. The instructor pushes u and tells u when to stand up. All the 5 lessons were all the same. Sometimes instructors leave u and sufr themselves.
But they are very friendly and funny, always making jokes and having fun.
As for renting, be aware that after sufring u can find the school closed with u stuff and the only clothes u have is ur swimsuit and surf. My friend and i we lived this situation, it was awful.And the people who closed the school even didnt remember what they did, until we reminded them next day when we came to school. Who closed even didnt appologised properly. So who gonna rent surf ask what time they close at and remind them about urself.
But anyway surfing was nice. Thanks to Stephano.

By Anonymous , 21-02-2010

Good times in Tenerife - Iv been surfing in tenerife twice before and have visited the island about 11 times now. I can safely say it is a fantastic place! The weather is constantly good (apart from the one time i as there and they had the worst storm in 40 years lol) and the water temp is warm all year round! The surf is not the best in the world but there are spots to suit all, from beginner to pro. A good company to rent boards, suits and even lessons or guides are K16. There were the original company on the island and are run by locals who are very friendly and excellent teachers! One thing about Tenerife which is quite goog in particular is that there is something for those that don't surf aswell. I normally travell with some people who do surf and some that don't so it is important to find somewhere that can cater for a normal non-surf holiday aswell. Tenerife offers that with their day excursions, bars, restuarants and nightlife.

Overall Tenerife has something for everyone and I personally would reccomend it to anyone! I would give the surf there 6.5/10 but the overall package tenerife has to offer 8.5/10!!

By Anonymous , 28-01-2010

Tenerife - I was in Tenerife in this summer with my parents, but that was not that kind of holiday what I was want. The peaople are terrible. There was too expensive everithing, exclouding the alcohol drinks. The arrive in Tenerife was terrible! After we leave the airport the hotel is not receive us, because the plan arrived at bad time. The holtel could't
give us rooms till then we not reach the time what was discussed.We arrived at early morning at 6:30 and we wated for at 13:00. In that time we don't know that what we can do in that waiting time. We had a walk in the city. But wasn't that wery fun, because we were to tired. When finally we get the rooms we sleep 3 hours. So the first day was not ver good. The people are ineducable. When sombody is go take a holiday he want quiet, peace. But opposite from that, we couldn'T have a walk together in rest, because in all meters came people from the restaurants and from the shops to give as quotation. And when you told that you not want that, they are will be arrogant. My camera is crased and I want to buy another one. The seller was lay for me and I bought a camera, but very expensive. Very interesting that not a fixed prise! I just want take some picture, but that can do just with a machine because I can't draw perfect. We have some fun some places. Like Loro park, Dolphin watch in the sea. For that you have this funs you need to buy tickets for every places. But the ticket s prises are not fixed too. Defelxion is probably 20€ to 30€. The mentality is low. The peolple are careless with each other. There are many chinese product in the shops. You can't buy many shells and see-born things in the shops. Almost nothing in the shops from that products. The taxi is expensive and the chauffeurs are arogants. That's all about. Tenerife is really beautifull but it have many kickbacks.

Have a nice day!

By Anonymous , 21-11-2009

wetsuit - Where is it possible to rent wetsuits? visiting fot the first time.

By Anonymous , 21-11-2009

question - Where is the best good priced place to rent a few shortboards? I will be staying in las americas in dec/jan. how are the crowds durin that time?

By tone , 09-04-2009

tenerife in august - how is the surf for beginners in august? planning a trip to las americas at that time.

By Daniel , 06-03-2009

Tenerife comments - Just finished another week surfing in the south of Tenerife. In sum have to say, was a very average trip. Spots in Las Americas were not really working, had surfable waves on 3/6 days, and not particularly good. An incovenience were unfriendly locals (though not violent), pretty sharp reef and relatively cold water. The area around Las Americas is reserved EXCLUSIVELY for senior citizens and so are bars and restaurants. Locals are a real mystery, not really enjoying themselves, need to chill out.

Bottom-line: not many alternatives to surfing, do not even think about girls or nice bars.

If you really want to surf and get a cheap package OK place to go.

By ricky c , 20-11-2008

December Surfing - My friend and i are stayin in Playa Paraiso for 10 days from the 5th Dec and im looking to surf Tenerife for the first time.If anyone knows the beswt break for beginners/intermdiate could you please let me know!i'll probably rent a car and travel around a bit if anyone wants to join!

By scotty , 13-11-2008

new years surfin - im stayin in tenerife at my parents over new year for two weeks.i have surfed here lots over the last fifteen years and know all the local spots and some quiet other ones too.anyone who is over there drop us a e mail maybe hook up and surf the las americas k-16 stretch .cheers scotty

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