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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 La santa

Canary, Lanzarote

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By MrPinguin , 07-02-2010

really good but crowded wave - I don't understand how the locals can go surfing everyday, at every hour..maybe there's too much unemployment in Lanzarote. ^^
Anyway a perfect wave for bodyboarding ,powerful and bowly.

By geordie pete , 22-11-2008

loving la santa - having had a nasty experience there in the late eighties and praying to god that i would never return if he managed to get me back to dry land i avoided la santa for many years however a break this good is impossible to avoid forever.the right known as morro negro is a great wave,breaks in about seven foot of water over a smooth reef,not the nasty jagged volcanic variety that you can encounter in lanz,never had any aggro from locals this side of the bay.the left is a diffrent deal,its a heavy bowl wave breaking over shallow reef,i tried to pull out of a wave here and it threw me down like a rag doll,having said that you can get some wicked barrels here and yes its true the locals dont like any outsider surfing this break but if you get there eary and its either empty or just one or two in the water you will be fine,they dont act so brave when not heavilly outnumbering you but its still better to park by the right and paddle over.just along from the left in front of the town is quemou which rarelly works but when it does is a huge monster which breaks straight onto the reef and is mainly a left but i have seen gary elkerton going right on it,not sure what the locals are like here as i have never had the balls to surf it.theres a couple of surf shops in the town notably sefons but if the waves are good for longboarding you can gurantee he wont be open.there also used to be a cool surf bar calle garoe run by a uruguyan called steve.staying in famara for a week in early feb so will be driving over a couple of times and seeing if i can get my mate scot to sample la santas charm,adios,geordie pete

By Anonymous , 08-09-2007

Hazards at la santa - Apart from the aggressive locals (who have backed down from limited experiece) one hazard in heavy swell+wind is a rip running out of the inlet on the right hand side looking out to sea. I had to rescue a grom who was being pushed out to heavy seas whilst locals standing on the shore (with no other surfer in the water due to obvious hazard) watched him get in without stopping him/helping him. So I would deinately recommend as always looking at the spot for some time before getting in.

By east to east , 02-12-2006

paddy on tour - am headin to the fair isle of lanzarote in april 07,just wonderin what the best waves are for the gettin for a not so experienced not so inexperienced surfer?6 foot lahinch left is the highpoint of my 3 year surf adventure to date

By Anonymous , 05-10-2006

- somebody tell those italians who submitted photos that they didn't surf the real deal, but the mushy inside reform between la izquierda and morro negro. that suicide stance doesn't go far when taking off in local bowl front of el goma.

By the cove , 29-08-2006

backwards - as other commentary dictates the tools at la santa have a few things to learn about the ocean.. and the rest of the world. With any of the locals in the line-up, put them any where else like burleigh on a big day, or back door pipe these clowns would be sitting on the beach.

By ITA , 17-05-2006

la santa is good - got couple of waves in la santa-just the leftovers of the locals-it is a world class spot and the only one in lanza with good waves when i was there due to the strong NW wind.
i have seen locals dropping in others.i'm not enough good in surfing to steal waves to locals but i'm with captain goodvibes.remember that many locals live on travelling surfers money!

By , 09-01-2006

It isn't that bad - I boarded it a couple of years ago, it was nice, and I had no problems. Just paddled out, just sat there for 20 minutes watching the locals take off. After that I started paddling for waves, and if a local started too, I just backed off. At one point they were just yelling for me to go. Just show respect, and you will get a long way, at any spot.
And yes there are dickheads, but mostly they are either young kids, or locals that are not good at all. The good ones will get their share off waves anyway, and don't hassle you.

By anonymous , 27-12-2005

local thing - I've been to La Santa in Dezember. In fact in the last 3 days of my stay La Santa was the only option to get some good waves. Everything else was suffering from strong on or sideshore winds or it wasn't working at all. Early in the morning there were only about 8 people out and me and my friend wereN#t the only foreign people. Waves were small but well shaped. Locals didn't send us out on the first 2 days when the crowd was small, but paddled out in front of us, so that we couldn't take the wave unless we paddle right into them. But still we got some waves. On the last day (Saturday) crowd was about 17 people and they sent me away before i even got to the line up. I didn't argue. But isn't surfing about sharing the great feeling of this wonderful sport and respect for nature and for each other?So here's a question for all the locals at La Santa. I understand that every wave can only take a certain amount of people and that Locals then have priority. But if the waves are small, when its just an average day for you guys who get so surf perfect waves all year long and if there are less then 10 people in the water, why does it bother you when someone else enjoys the waves at La Santa? Someone that isn't so lucky to live on a beautyful island with great waves. Ok, I don't surf good, but i never drop in on anyone and i don't get into anyone elses way. So stop the bullshit about No Non-Locals at La Santa at all. Come to Austria for snowboarding and you will be welcomed. Bring the right attitude and you will find friends who will show you runs that you were dreaming of. It's about sharing a great feeling not about scaring other people away. Peace

By Juanito , 08-12-2005

Sorry. Closed to non-locals. - Lanzarote has good waves, no doubt. Waves that more crowded year by year. The Slab is the only wave that is reserved just for locals, so please respect that. Yes, it sounds extreme but that is just the way it is. If you do happen to paddle out, expect your surf to be a v. short one. You will be asked to leave. If you are asked to leave, please do not argue. This will cause problems for you, even if you are arnold schwarzenegger. This is just some good advice and is not meant to offend so please pay attention and use your good sense to surf somewhere else. Thankyou.

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