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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 El quemao

Canary, Lanzarote

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By MrPinguin , 07-02-2010

The empty jewel of Lanzarote - One of the best wave of the island .Powerful,dangerous (especially at low tide)and most of the time totally empty!!!!
Watch out for sets!

By Pngp , 05-05-2007

advice - Hello someone,
Can you perhaps tell me when is the best month of the year to go there and find good waves? September to December is normally good in that area of the atlantic but, can somebody tell me more precisely?
Thank you!

By Jack miller , 23-11-2006

mad surf, pussie locals. - i have been out a few times, best surf ever but dont understand all the hipe about the locals the pussie you just have to show em hows boss.

By , 27-05-2006

be on your toes - spent 8 months working for la santa sport, danish company. i watched el quemao as it unfolded through the winter. I loved this spot, it really is a training ground for knarly waves like choops and pipe. beware of rips that dragg u off the reef towards the harbour, try and sit deep otherwise the take-off is quite hard to make.

when caught on the inside, never try to paddle out straight , go with the rip towards the harbour and paddle round.

ideal boards: 6-6 to 7-2 round tail. just remember once making the take off, the second section gets ugly, dry lava reef with a combination of urchins. the barrels get too heavy to handle.

watch out for bombs- be warned when 6-8 with an increasing swell, there can be 10" bombs coming through.

Locals are knarly and wont take to anyone kindly, doesnt matter if you are a cook or u rip.

By turista , 20-03-2006

good stuff - this wave will kick your ass, sooner or later. locals are cool if you charge and stay out of their way. they will tell you to split, out at La Santa left. i would too if every barnacle in the world wanted to paddle out there. respect them and they might respect you.

By lanzarotechica , 04-04-2005

intense spot - this spot is intense. breaks on reef and urchin, most times its hollow and fast, occasionally with some sloppy sets in between. be careful, many times the reef sucks the water up into the wave and surfers wipe out on straight reef, no water included. killer spot though. was there in late march, water was warm, locals are locals, but you try and befriend them, no worries, they are pretty mello

By anonymous , 11-12-2004

- this is for wanna surf please do not repeate the fotos , thanks

By josh , 16-06-2004

is this that wave - hello this look like the wave they surf in that latest ripcurl movie THIS WAY UP the wave seem sick and they get some good barrels

By anonymous , 17-02-2004

no title - spent a week there start of this month,perfect 8-10ft super heavy and super hollow, the locals seemed friendly enough,have to commit other wise you get nailed. best left in europe?

By anonymous , 15-10-2003

shack time at El Quemao... - BIG bazzas and long hold downs...still probably the best reef in the atlantic!

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