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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Caleta de famara

Canary, Lanzarote

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By Anonymous , 02-07-2008

What month is famara best for surfing? - Hi everyone,
When is Lanzarote best for surfing? What months bring the best surf?

By Anonymous , 22-05-2007

Famara - Famara is wicked - you have the beach for beginners and the reef for more intermediates. To live - excellent - very tranquilla but things liven at the weekend in the local hot spots!!! Beginners looking for instruction checkout Claudio Santos - amazing - you'll find him on the beach - best instructor ever

By , 08-05-2007

1st trip to europe, want to surf also - Its ok 4 days in lanzarote? where is the best place to go? (intermediate surfing)

By , 17-01-2007

Where to stay - Am goign to lazarote with the missus and was thinking about Playa de Famara / caleta as she is a beginner but i still would like to hit the reefs. Will it be ok for her? Where did you stay in Famara???? Please send me details. Thanks

By Anonymous , 20-12-2006

December - I just returned from a 2 week stay in Famara Bay. The second week was absolutely epic. Would recommend it to anyoone. Can't imagine surf gets better in Europe.

By anon , 10-05-2004

Is famara good? - I'm traveling to Famera this summer I'm a novice surfer wanting a gud social life. Is it gud all round?

By anonynous , 05-03-2004

no title - Nice swell nice surf!
Famara is the coolest place!
Barto & Jaime de CostanOeste, U are the best!
The Paella was great!
CU L8R - til may

P.S.The Surfshop of Famara was in a Surfing Europe Magazinein 2003 !

By anonymous , 17-11-2003

Dawg - surfed it with a 6'6" and had some good fun. water is pretty warm so shorts will do fine. to get laid at nite go to p. del carmen and get some drunk british girls...hew...had a great vacation ;-)

By SurfSluggo , 03-11-2001

Disappointed - I and friend tried the beach during summer, and it was rather lousy. According to locals the waves have been like this for some years.

By travel4ever , 19-10-2001

a cool surf spot. - nice locals,good fast wave,try to catch it during mornings
'couse the wind is kicking in quite early.

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