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Teiki Mathieu Baillan surfing a self-made Alaya surfboard in Macaroni, Mentawaï, Indonesia. Photo by C. Naslain, 2009.

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 Morro Negro

Canary, Lanzarote

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By greg frenchsurfist - , 18-04-2006

good but be careful! - be carreful get in and out the water, urchins and cutting reefs + powerful waves, advice: start to surf it when it's small

By janimal , 20-03-2006

epic - surfed this place a few times at 15' plus. has to be one of the best rights in the atlantic. its quite mellow when its small but above 10' gets very serious. watch out for the rip - if you get washed across the bay into the machine on a big day you'll never forget it. i thought the locals were fine. one look and its obvious some of them are pretty heavy, but they'll give all the respect they get. and however tempting it may look, don't go left at the end of the point. good barrel but too high a

By grommet , 15-02-2006

morro negro - i surfed here a couple of years ago its a really sick place but be carefull gettin in and out cuz of the wet slippery bolders and earchins another thing is rips as i neally got taken away sufing there my first time but its a sick spott once you get used to it. P.s Watch out 4 theives

By anonymous , 27-12-2005

Localism, feel it ? - Pinche cabron, Who are you to talk this way.

By Local Advice/ Consejo Conejero , 08-12-2005

No Beginners/ Kooks! - Just like to say that if you can´t surf, please don´t paddle out here. This is no place to lose your board or even let go of your board. KOOKS WILL BE PUNISHED. And people have died here, yes really. Learn to surf at Famara then go home.
Y lo mismo digo a los que llegan de la Peninsula. Si no sabes surfear, no te tires aqui. Vete pa Famara gilipollas.
Lanzarote is filling up with kooks, wannabes and just outright pricks who end up moving here and trying to live without contributing anything (or even getting a job). Think twice about moving here to surf as really there´s not much more room and tempers are rising.
Do we want to return to the localism of the 80s and 90s? You tell me... you´re the one gonna feel it.

By lanzarotechica , 04-04-2005

pretty consistent and pretty big - everyday i drove by, morro negro was pumping. it was hollow and intense, with occasional rocks peeking out of the breaks, watch out, this break will hand it to you. waves were at least overhead, probably bigger. some were super clean, others pretty mushy. it was the spot though, if la santa wasn't perfect the boys would come over here to get some practice rounds in. steep drop but well worth the risk. make sure to pack your balls.

By Supersurfer , 24-11-2002

Morrro Negro as Pipe - I've been there in Jenuary 2001 and there were 3 locals in the water surfing a 9m/30ft extraordinary right.
If you don't go there you can't believe it.Alhoa

By Marty , 11-09-2002

Photogenic... - Surfed there 10 years ago. One of those waves that looks heaps better in photos than when you get out there. Just a cutback wave with a few wally bits. (I'm talking about the 4 - 8 foot range which in reality is what 90% of crew will be surfing there)

By anonymous , 30-07-2002

no title - shit wave fat piece of shit. el quamao is where the action is. This is for those who cant tube ride

By anonymous , 14-02-2001

no title - winter time at moro negro seldomly does it get under 6-8 foot so do bring your gun and do watch the rip pulling you over towards quemao over there you will get killed not often does a year go by without moro negro eating somebody and it has been a long time since the last victim

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