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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 El fronton

Canary, Gran Canaria

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By Anonymous , 21-05-2007

best ever - First of all I´ve travell all around the world and I cant belive this is not a 5* wave in your rate. For me is the best bodyboard wave in Europe, and for sure in the top 5 of the world Locals must be respect and you will get respect of them. Any way this isn´t a wave for every one, is probably as well as the best wave in europe the most dangerous... Good luck

By as , 13-05-2007

dd - this is the sichkest and most powerfull wave in the whole canary island and in europe...its the wave from canary isalnds section in no friends and tension videos. very hollow thick wave with air section...incredible

By hanz , 05-09-2006

I wanna Surf this - me i wanna surf this.

By PORTUGAL , 21-05-2005

... - Seriously, El Fronton is really heavy, but you should see what CAVE IN PORTUGAL can handle, PORTUGAL>CENTRAL ERICEIRA>CAVE. give it a check in Shark Island TWIN SISTER.hug from portugal

By sick sick sick , 23-04-2005

the left is sick - if u see this wave u will realise that the left is sick the right has a very good barrel section but the left has an air section really radical u only have to watch the locals in

By anonymous , 24-02-2005

you jurks! - if you se these crap photos and get exited go to clickt multimedia and see the videos that say in the title(FRONTON) EXAMPLE :fronton extremem and they are loads more videos you shud cehk it out answer back

By bob the booger , 07-10-2004

brenden newton what an animal - How hard does brendon newton charge this joint in against the grain. I am no pro and was talkin to him at the local booger shop what a nice bloke no arrogance their, a real genuine aussie.Check out the local edmundo i thinh thats his name rippin with a style similar to hubb and virtue

By anonymous , 06-08-2004

not just a right hander - the right is longer than the left and more walled up, but the left is like a warped version of chopes, which wedges over the reef on the right swell.the surge is ridiculous, check out brendan newtons wave on against the grain-mickey smiths new vid. he takes off and its about 6 foot then the wedgey section is about 15 foot with a lip about 8 foot thick. he tries to backdoor it but gets fucked on the surge.

By anonymous , 04-02-2004

no title - It looks like the box.

By h , 12-12-2003

nice wave - ive never got to lid on a wave like that... im so keen but only 15

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