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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Playa blanca

Canary, Fuerte Ventura

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By JB, South Wales , 24-07-2007

Wind Swell summer 07 - whilst on a family holiday i managed to sneak in a few surfs here, most of which were fairly horrible windy, mushy paddling forever type days.. but then...!!

the day before i left i just stopped in on the off chance, early morning on the way to the Hyperdino in Rosario.. i was greeted by 2-3ft perfect peeling glass! had it all to myself for about 45mins before the surfschools started arriving! The beach is so big that even then there was more than enough waves/room for everyone! nice atmosphere, friendly surf instructors.. managed to get to the nose on my longboard the first time there that day.. one super nice chilled out session.. easy paddle, shorts and rashie in July..

came back to flat freak weather UK!

Oh and as with many places in Fuerte beware of car theft as the carpark down the track next to the big house is frequented by the local pikeys..

By jobsworth , 08-09-2006

Look nearby - Found a wave further towards the port (north of this beach) where a northerley swell was winding down a rocky point. It was a small swell. There was a left (mega shallow given the small wave) and a short right (which I surfed, in front of two or three big oil/liquid silos - not very pretty) had it to myself for half an hour until I realised it was only 8 inches deep and covered in urchins (got some stuck in my hand while paddling! It was that shallow). Probably fine in a bigger swell.

By Ben - Kernow , 07-09-2006

? - didnt know there was a wave here? holidayed here for 6 years in a row, and never saw surf atctually at playa blanca? only ever got sume shorey at papagoya!

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