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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Fuerte Ventura


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By summermaldives , 25-05-2010

Maldives Surf Season - Surfing in Maldives
Surfing came to the Maldives in the late 70s. In 1973 Tony Hinde an Australian surfer took a break from surfing in Sri Lanka and together with a friend set sail for the Africa. He was never to reach his destination. His ship seriously off course was shipwrecked on the shore breaks of Male'. Tony discovered the thrill of surfing on the Maldivian reefs. He changed his name to Tony Hussein Hinde, married a local lady, opened his own surf agency and decided to stay for good.

By Anonymous , 09-03-2010

March 2010- Fun surf - Spent a week with my 13 and 10 year old daughters at Quikkie surf school. Fun waves waist to shoulder high at Punta Blanca (right) and Boneyards( left)on the North Shore; Flag Beach was 2-4ft and side offshore- fun! The wind really blows here and changes direction day to day. You must have a vehicle to move around to find the right break for the day. Big tide swings,too. Water quality perfect, 66 F and crystal clear. Waves are powerful and the reefs- lava rock, a few urchins. Recommend for a winter surf trip in Europe.

By moosey , 16-11-2009

el muelle - check this every morning had it sick in october about 6 times with only 2 - 3 people in.awsome left hander lots of speed and good sections

By Anonymous , 06-07-2009

surfhostal in fuerteventura - I was last month in a cheap surfhostal close too all the spots of the north, the hostal is called casa hilda and you can book it with Northore rules!!!

By Anonymous , 10-11-2008

After surf.. - Does anyone know where to get something to smoke in Fuerte? Is that possible at all?

By Claudio , 05-07-2008

SEPTEMBER2008 - Hello,

In September i'll go with my girlfriend to Fuerteventura, but at this time we have only the flight ticket bought, nothing else more. Can someone suggest the cheapeast way/company to rent a car and an apart. to stay somewhere in the island (prefere in the north beacause it has more surf spots)?

Thanks alot
Claudio Domingos @ Portugal

By Nathan barker , 07-05-2008

Surf in December + August - Been to FV loads of times, the surf in december is awesome, so clean and consistent. Just at the end of last year I was there for a big swell, blessed with nice clean offshore lines for a most of the week, then the stormy waves greeted us, turning flag beach into a huge closeout, also it exposed all the rocks below the sand which I later found out when I hit the bottom. The surf in july/august time is weak compared to the winter, its still fun tho, head to flag beach in the summer and north shore in the winter, unless the north shores maxed.

By Cam , 28-02-2008

July? - Yo. I'm looking to cruise to Fuerteventura end of June/ early July. What's the swell like then? looks pretty small on the guide at the bottom of this page but feedback from a local would be appreciated.

Chur chur

By tom , 01-08-2007

- hi. you could get good board at a local shaper called joyas. just ask at a local beach. he lives in lajares.
a cheap place to stay is solymar. contact at also check for lessons or guided surf tours.

By zorbas , 10-07-2007

...some help! - Heya!!! i´m going to fuerte 1-14 august, where can i get good surf? and cheap places to stay?? maybe camping? how much cost a board in the local shops?? and how much cost a meal?? and to rent a car? ( + - £) sorry but i realy need help...first time!! =) thanks and good waves!!

ps:if someone need infos about portugal... ;)

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