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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!



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By anonymous , 31-05-2006

Pictures - Pics please?

By Hans , 10-08-2005

One disadvantage of high tide - Raversijde is a superb spot, it is almost empty erey day and there is a nice sand-bank. Only when tide comes against the dike, the waves reflect against it, then it gets choppy. But 2-3 hour before high tide till the waves get the dike and 2-3 hours after this spot works perfect.

Last time I saw a heli circkling but it wasn't for me, a kid drowned that day. One minute silence for him.

By anonymous , 08-07-2003

hiele is a fuckin pussy - you might have seen this guy around..a big walking penis who thinks he can surf with his balls hanging out of his wetsuite . I ones saw this socalled 'local' beat up a 12yearold kid becuz his bodyboard hit him in the face..the whole beach was laughing at him becuz he tripped over his own leash while going at it. Raversijde is belgum's most pussy break and nobody surfs there becuz it's so fuckin weak you can't even make a drop. And this guy claims to be ripping it..forsure... post ur next message at wanker!

By a local for years now , 14-02-2003

f.....cking tourists - yep Hiele is one of the locals ripping raversijde...good spot when it works (Belgium standards)....never crowded...and watch out for rips and stupid tourists who tend to call emergency services once and while...So if ya see a helicopter circling above your aint for pictures!!!

By , 31-12-2002

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By JACKASS , 27-03-2002

Beware for locals - The locals are very agressive. You must know, Hiele is one of the locals of Raversijde. When you cross the dunes to go to the camping, beware for the faggets that hang around in the dunes, they may jump you from the back.

By *** , 17-07-2001

current - beware, when raversijde is at its best, its usually when there's a strong wind and the current 's immensly strong . Can be quite difficult to paddle through since the waves break all over the place .

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