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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Lil jbay


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By Kiki , 27-05-2008

OMG - J-Bay is a Pointbreak consisting out of 6 or more sections. It recieves ground swell from a large body of water called the Indian ocean, and Anticyclones above the African mainland provide offshore winds.

Belgium has a 60 km stretch of sloppy beaches jammed with breakwaters, on the edge of a very shallow body of water called the northsea.

I think that's enough said

Een kak-beachbreakje Lil J-Bay noemen is echt wel vree dom vind ik. Door zoiets te posten maakt ge uzelf enkel belachelijk. Ksurf zelf in Belgie btw.

By skunky , 14-04-2007

Lil J bay - To ride in belgium, this spot could offer nice waves.
Just near the surfer's paradise.

It's not a spot like south african, australian, or french spot, but it's nice to go ride in belgium ;)

By anonymous , 31-05-2006

pics - two stars, no pics?

By anonymous , 24-02-2006

Belgian surf suck - You guys have'nt got a clue what surfing is about, I've lived for almost 20years in the real J-Bay (Jeffreys Bay), South Africa. And believe me those are what you call waves. In the african winter days when it gets rough I'd love to see one of you okes go out there. You would'nt survive one single "supertubes" waves...Try go there between June and August. On some days you just would not believe your eyes. You might see some world champs like Kelly Slater. He usually hangs around there for the "Billabong World Surfing Champs". Make sure you mingle a bit with the white locals to find out what you should and should'nt do. Enjoy

By anonymous , 30-06-2005

- Leg't eki stille..lil J bay en nog gi foto van da kutplekje ier..en nu vo da ier gepost te kriegen.. Lil J-bay is a great spot for beginners..on good days it can be good.

By anonymous , 22-05-2005

- Fred je dikke nekke!!! aub doe nie margi e

I don't believe the 2 stars before I see a picture of the wave there...just like in Bay of Heist I think the Knokke boys are exagerating. It ain't about having the best spot guys, it's about the surf!

By Fredje , 02-05-2005

Knokke is tha best spot in Belgium! - I surf and I am so cool. I love Knokke. I've been surfing for 20 years and I still think it's the best place to surf in Belgium, that's why all spots have bigger names than anywhere else in Belgium. I guess the Belgian Surf scene started in Knokke-Le Zoute. We even have a great shaper. Smile and keep on surfing.

By anonymous , 27-04-2005

- Surfing around Knokke isn't about surf,it's about being as cool as possible and about how much your new board and sweater has cost...
I don't like it there, too much 'echoboys'...

By popsyjoe , 03-04-2005

those names ... - The more one approaches Knokke, the heavier the names of the spots get, while the waves get more and more mediocre, even measured by our poor belgian standards. Good work, knokke boys, attract as many posers as you can - and leave some of the less horrible stuff for us ! Cheers !

By , 31-12-2002

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