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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!


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By Anonymous , 16-02-2010

Lessons/rental - Is it possible to get lessons/rental in Sao Miguel?

By Anonymous , 13-03-2008

locals - Im local in Praia da Vieira and the outsiders r welcome if they respect us. f*ck the localism! the sea is 4 everybody!

By Anonymous , 24-09-2007


By , 06-06-2007

- hi people. i am planning to go to azores with my girl in the summer in order to learn surfing. do you recommend any people there?

By Squinty, , 12-01-2007

Squinty coming to Azores - Hello Azorean surfers ! Im English, living in Ireland and surfing at the moment in Ecuador and Peru. I have been on Pico one year ago spearfishing with friends from Finland and loved the Azores and their people. I would like to come back in April/May 2007 to surf in the Islands. Can any of you Patriots tell me the best place to base myself to make the best of the waves i.e. which Island or group of Islands. Looking forward to hearing from you and surfing with you.
Please e-mail me. Im going to Chicama in Peru tomorrow, its 1 km long !!
Squinty -

By Belbe , 05-12-2006

sharks - oh, and yes there are sharks but none of the local species bite near shore (by near shore I mean up to 1 mile offshore), dun worry. And the biped locals only bite if teased too much.

By belbe_dj at , 05-12-2006

Local from S. Miguel - wazup with this ppl? not a single normal azorean here? I've been at sea for some years and never saw anyone misstreatin a tourist. Sure, ppl from S. Miguel aren't exactly friendly, but you can't aply that to the other islands.
And yes, we do have huge swells but not on summer! hello? we have a stationary Anticyclone on top of us from July to the end of August. if you whant swells pick September, the water's still at 24ºC and the waves are great! if you're lucky to get a week of either southern or northen wind in S. Miguel after a storm you get perfect huge waves on either side of the island, and it's 10 mins from one beach to the other. There are other spots but it depends on the winds. If anyone's commin over u can ask me if u think noone's willing to help. I may be a bathtub surfer but I know who to ask plus I know my island.

PS: and you portuguese mainlander, do think before openin yar mouth. we have our reasons for hating mainlanders. I've studied in lisbon for 5 years and loved all my collegues, but those who come to our islands do make a big deal of themselves and treat us like lowlifes, so sorry if we get a bit grunchy.

By portuguese surfer , 06-11-2006

little minded - don't be scared! those azoreans are just too little minded! island people...but no problem! i've surfed in all azores islands. that locals just say shit man! and I just broken waves in they're face 'till they shut up and respect ;)

By red eyed stoned shark , 23-10-2006

sharks threat - there are many sharks especially great"king"white sharks, also plenty of hammerheads but the worst of all are locals' !!! keep on scarin'

By Anonymous , 18-10-2006

Thinking of coming just because of the nice locals - Man, those locals. Why are they so f'cked up. I surfed everywhere in the world, but this is just crazy. I would say to everybody: Go their, it has to be like paradise orso.

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