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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

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By JP , 05-06-2009

azores.... - Why are some people so angry in this messages. Azores has a lot to gain from turism, surfing on non-surfing, it brings money and jobs to the islands... and tourists have a lot to gain from the beauty of Azores

By Anonymous , 13-11-2008

informacoes - tiago

existe mais.

By tiago , 07-11-2008

informação - so ha estes picos que estão aqui no site ? obrigado

By LOCAL , 24-07-2008

stupid - You stupid ***holes!

You come here, you receive hospitality and then open your asses showing up to the world how important your pictures are... and have the nerd of criticising the waves, the people or the lack of your shitty globalized-comercial and confortable (luxury cars and pools!) things that you miss from mainland!

Azores is for spiritual people, soul surfers and good vibes! Anything else go home!

Good atitudes will be compensated with hospitality, bad ones... HOPE TO SEE YOU IN THAT SPOT and you will see what is like to kiss the ocean's floor with your teeth!


Take your money and shuvit! we don't need any of that!

By sousar , 09-05-2008

not locals - Just to let the world know that everybody is very welcome, because we( the locals ) are not like some people are posting in this comments,
And I’m pretty shore that this comments are not from local surfer.

By lukas , 21-02-2008

is there any good surf on pico island? - I am going to pico island at the end of march and I will stay there until autumn.
is there any chance to get some waves? I couldn´t find any surf reports about that island.

By Anonymous , 20-09-2007

Stupid Me - Id rather you see how stupid i am here on this site then if we meet in the water, then you will know for real how stupid i am - go home

By Anonymous , 14-06-2007

punch your face - Hey guys, its nice to hear you talking.
How comes that i thought surfing is about waves and ocean when it's only about fighting and showing others how stupid you are...

By , 20-04-2005

Help - I am going to Pico for 3 weeks. My fiancee's grandparents and other relatives live there.This is my first trip of probably many. Anyway I am from Half Moon Bay Ca. where there is a very large population of Portuguse from the Azores. Anyway I have not seen anything about surfing in Pico. Any advise on surfing there or around there would much appreciated. Much respect to all.

By cubilhas , 12-01-2005

ben wallace - i had a better idea, if u came to azores, just tell me the island u are going to travel, u can do that from this site, and than we will see if u can do something like u said. when u said those things u showed the respect u have from the azorean people. hope to find u soon

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