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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
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 Hull bay

Virgin Islands

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By Anonymous , 15-03-2011

hull bay - mushy and very iffy wave. go to costa instead.

By Jimmy Twan , 16-03-2010

Stop the Funding - If the locals are as xenophobic and violent as you say here, the United States and France should stop taking care of them with tax dollars. America is in a deep recession while France's unemployment rate has been 10% for like twenty years now. I see no reason to keep giving V.I. racist thugs handouts while good hard working American and French have to pay for them to continue being illiterate losers. I really hope for the locals' sake they are not that bad, but who knows, too much dope can blunt even full-grown adults to such an extent they act like children all their lives.

By Anonymous , 13-03-2010

local - now look u guyz i from stt. im black too. dont see that everyday but i surf and on somedayz hull bay can get 15-18. whoeva tell ahu that it was 30 feet lied thru thier teeth. hull wud be the best place for u guyz b/c if u go to innerbras u will be powned. just surf hull. dont go anywhere else

By Anonymous , 20-02-2009

Hull Bay - Just got back from Hull Bay. I was completely alone surfing 2-4 ft. mush. VERY SHALLOW. Took off looking down at exposed rocks and coral. Also, helluva long paddle from the rental shop, nearly 20 minutes against the current. Other than that, fine place to watch the sun set or rise while catching waves.

By kevin , 07-02-2009

- Wow its really that bad.. That is ashame. I had planned on surfing around botany bay, and checking out inner and outer brass etc.. so you would advise me not to?

By island stylin , 06-02-2009

b.s - hull bay neva reach 30 feet, that is doubtful, if you want real answers and want to hear real situations email me

By island stylin , 06-02-2009

watch out - i lived in st. thomas for a long time, im currently in the states, dont surf anywhere but hull bay, or you will find out the hard way of island ways, and terretorialness

By kevin , 04-02-2009

February surf - Anyone down in St. Thomas currently? Wanted to see how the swell has been this winter..Also, what is the real deal with this local vibe everyone is talking about... I find it hard to believe...been to St. Thomas before, never had anyone treat me with disrespect...Any locals care to give me the real deal?? Thanks

By Anonymous , 08-08-2008

waves - not much in the summer try loblolly bay on anagata.there is a dive shop at hull that rents boards and sponges

By Smitty , 14-07-2008

Going to St T in Late August..... - Is it possible to find anything rideable this time of year close by.....Whether its Hull Bay or going to BVI???and I'll probably need to rent a board, any ideas? Any advice would be appreciated...

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