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Anonymous surfer in south-west of France. Photo by C. Naslain, 2016.

Surf spot atlas made by surfers for surfers
Enjoy and contribute!

 Virgin Islands

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By Anonymous , 04-07-2008

- Some white boy...blah blah blah...Ive surfed there since the 70's. I can tell you that the guys surfing down there are as white as everyone else. Friends if you want to surf Caret, by all means go. Its a great wave. Theres not anyone down there who will disrespect you unless you give them a reason to. The beach is public. Everyone has a right to surf there. These idiots dont own the ocean. I say surf where you want to. They will travel one day and figure it out.

By thesnook , 04-07-2008

blow me carrot bay locals - Cant wait to come down there and show you kooks how to surf...statesiders defined and made the sport what it is...I will surf anywhere with respect...but you disrespect me with that talk you gonna recieve a ufc beatdown from this whiteboy...see ya soon bitch

By Anonymous , 29-06-2008

Be warned - All i know is those boys down at carrot bay DO NOT want you down there! yes it is public but that has been there spot since they were young boys there secret little spot. then some ass went to go tell everyone about it then all a sudden they got all these people comin down dropin in , showing no respect, littering! Thats why they dont want you down there cause your state side Babylon non since! if they even knew this site was hear talkin about carrot bay i know it would make them all hot up That is there spot and it always will be! cause us locals will always support each other before we let you in so honestly go to hull bay more statesiders more friendly! just dont mess with the young local boy dem....they'll eat you white people up!

By Bill , 20-06-2008

- Caret is open to everyone. It's a public beach (as Virgin Island law states), everyone has a right to surf there. Whether you're from there or not. Just be respectful.

By Anonymous , 31-05-2008

Summer surf - how is the surf in july around tortolla? im going for a week and wondering if i should bring my board.

By Anonymous , 19-05-2008

- caret bay is for locals only. if you aren't from st. thomas, don't surf there.

By Cathal , 08-04-2008

CAMPING ON THE BEACH - Are you allowed to camp on the beach? Is it safe? All I need is water, food and gas and I can sleep in my tent no problem. But will the police not get upset?

By Anonymous , 12-02-2008

to bvi surfing - look just bring you board and sleep on deh beach there are plenty of fruit trees and what not you don't need no money excepy maybe for good old H2O which is pretty cheap

By cathal , 05-02-2008

BVI Surfing - Thanks for the info. I guess it is like Ireland, if you are out for some fun you'll get along with the locals. However I have done a good bit of reading and it seems that the BVI and most of the islands are way to expensive for a 'shoestring' backpacker. I think we'll just fly into Peru and travel down to Chile and then Argentina before going to Hawaii. I had found plenty of cheap flights from Florida to the BVI and other islands but accommodation and food seems to be very very expensive. We'd spand our annual budget in a few weeks. Perhaps in the future I'll pull off a BVI surf trip!
Slán go fóil.

By Anonymous , 16-01-2008

It depends... - Well my Irish friend, respect cause im half Irish too... as everybody has been saying, throughout the caribbean if tourists treat the locals with respect then its all irie, i was born in the BVI and have always lived there and i know first hand, ignorant tourists piss off locals and create a bad atmosphere, if you get there, get to a beach or a bar and chill with the local crew. If you have any connections its even better, and not being biased but the BVI generally have a better party atmosphere...

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